Little Box, Big Tricks!

Summer-time means a calendar full of invites to BBQs.  Every host wants to showcase their unique recipes and impress you with their own secret recipes and their special ways to grill.  Am I right?  🙂 

If you are looking for your own little secret to show off,  I have just the one to share … Continue Reading ››

Get Ready To “Oysterize” Yourself!

Attention all Fairfield County Foodies!  It is finally that time of the year!  The time that we have all been waiting for!  NO! NOT Christmas, sillies!   I am talking about The Norwalk Oyster Festival and its finally here!  YESSSS!!!!!

My family loves Loves LOVES this event.   For us, this festival is all about the … Continue Reading ››

A Secret Ingredient

A year ago I attended a cooking class taught by Adam Halberg the executive chef of Barcelona restaurants.  The dish of the day was Paella.   And one of the ingredients he used was spanish smoked paprika.   

I was immediately struck by its smoky flavor….it created such a depth of flavor in the … Continue Reading ››

Parmesan Crisps

Looking for a great accompaniment for your wine, or an unusual  garnish for your salads and soups?  Then look no further. 

I found a neat little recipe….really simple to implement with lots of flavor….Parmesan Crisps!  

Shred some parmesan cheese.  On a baking dish lined with parchment paper, drop mounds of parmesan … Continue Reading ››

Let’s Talk Seafood!

My family and I like to eat seafood often.  We try to eat fish at least once a week.    Nothing like a fresh grilled salmon, or a good bowl of mussels fra diavolo!   

Another one of my favorites is something called seafood stew.  Whole bunch of mixed sea food thrown into a pot with  white … Continue Reading ››

Not Quite Fairfield County … But Oh! So Close

A couple of weeks ago we were driving up to Kent, CT with some friends for the Litchfield Jazz festival.  Our friends are from Brooklyn with the best eateries around them, and Manhattan with everything it has to offer,  just steps away.   So each time they visit us in Fairfield County CT, we … Continue Reading ››

A Perfect Setting To Enjoy The Freshest Seafood!

For me, the seafood eating experience has to be the total package ie:  great seafood enjoyed in a beautiful waterfront setting.  And living in Fairfield county – that is not asking for much, is it?   On that quest, I have been to quite a few seafood places on the water in Fairfield county …but they tend … Continue Reading ››

Gelato Is The Way To Go!

Velvety smooth textures.  Perfect levels of sweetness.  Tons of flavors to choose from, including seasonal flavors along with the year-long favorites….I know a place that is to die for!  

I have to confess that I am quite picky when it comes to frozen treats.  I feel that most ice cream places tend to … Continue Reading ››

A Surprising Summer Dessert!

A few years ago I saw a Barefoot Contessa TV segment and I picked up a recipe she demonstrated.  It has stuck with me for all this time.  

As for my personal touch:  I add some Grand Mariner to turn up the volume. 

It’s a perfect summer time dessert.  And the best … Continue Reading ››

Falafel Anyone?

I love spicy food.  I love food with a strong punch of flavor.  A well made falafel satisfies that craving for me…every time.   So when I crave a falafel  sandwich…I go to the best place in Fairfield County:  Layla’s Falafel in Stamford. 

One bite off of their falafel sandwich - and I … Continue Reading ››

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