Paris Pastries

Paris Is For Pastries

I just returned from four days in pure heaven!  Paris!  The city of romance … the home of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa….  the proud bearer of the Eiffel Tower… and the purveyor of world’s most delicious and gorgeous sweet confections.

In four days, I managed to visit every dessert place on my must-eat list. A list that was a work in progress for over 4-5 months.  I read tons of reviews and articles and narrowed down the list to ones I just could not afford to miss.

Sugar-coma?  Certainly!

Did I care?  Certainly not!!!

I am a foodie with borderline-dangerous sweet tooth. If I had it my way, every restaurant  in the world would serve dessert as the first course – so that diners are never too full to skip it.  Yeah, I eat a lot of sweet treats.  Although, most of the time I feel like, “been there, done that”.  But I must say that pastries in Paris is a whole different ball game.  I felt they are treated like a sacred religion.  Parisian pastry chefs hold themselves to really high-standards.  After all, they have a long-standing reputation to uphold. Their pastries are simply stunning to look at and flawless in taste and mouthfeel.  I was incredibly impressed by how delicate they were – with almost melt in your mouth textures,  filled with lightest and the most aromatic of creams, sweetened to perfection with bright and vibrant colors.  They were simply irresistible!

So what sweet-yummies did I eat?   Four places!  Make a note of it people, should you find yourselves in Paris anytime soon – DO NOT MISS THESE:

Pierre Herme macarons  paris

  1. 1.  Pierre Herme:   I had heard that their macarons are even better Laduree.  I couldn’t imagine such a possibility until I actually put these babies in my mouth.  Whoa!  They practically melted.  So light, so airy.  The cream fillings were the perfect complement.  I loved that flavors like hazelnut had small pieces of hazelnut on top – it created such a dynamite textural contrast.  The store had 12 flavors – I ordered one of each.  Oh! and six were gone by the time I returned to my hotel – so help me God!

la patisserie des reves paris brest

  1. 2. La Patisserie Des Reves:  OMG!  You have GOT to walk into one of these stores locations.  It is stunning and super compelling.  Just the display of pastries is a sight-to see and photograph.  This patisserie made it to my list because I had read an article by Patricia Wells.  She spoke highly of one particular pastry here: the Paris-Brest (the best in pastry in Paris according to her).  This hazelnut cream filled pastry was so addictive, I wish I could start each day with it…..  for the rest of my life.

l'atelier de l'éclair paris

  1. 3. L’atelier de l’eclair:  They make eclairs!   Small eclairs, big eclairs, eclairs in many delicious flavors.  Eclairs!  Eclairs!  ECLAIRS!!!  I loved the displays, the colors, the flavors.  Simply divine!  It was 11 AM when I walked in here.  I decided to order six mini eclairs with my espresso.  And then I patiently proceeded to work my way through them – until the last morsel was where it belonged.  Guilt?  Nah!!!  May I have six more please?

La Maison Du Chou cream puffs paris

  1. 4. La Maison Du Chou:  All they make is cream puffs!  And boy are they worth it!  I absolutely LOVED this tiny little gem of a place tucked away in the side streets of Paris.  The cream puffs come with a choice of four different cream fillings – filled to order so they are never soggy.  These cream puffs are the most incredible texture and consistency.  Super light and airy with the slightest hint of crunch on the top.  I ordered one of each flavor, of course!   Chocolate, vanilla, coffee and hazelnut.  Mmm…. mmmm… Good!  I’d like to end each day of the rest of my life with one of these, please.
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