rincon taqueria norwalk ct

Rincon: Is A Reason I Became A Food-Blogger

No. Not to show myself off as some sort of an authority on food. Not to make money. Not even to get free meals. No. The reason I blog about food is because I am passionate about the subject. I revel in meeting like-minded people and learning from them … chefs, foodies, home cooks and more.

So when a food-blogger starts to RAVE about some food-joint (like my pal Andrew Dominick of www.realfood-dudes.com) – you bet I will make my way up to that place…. sooner rather than later. And when a fellow-foodie is DYING to join me in this new experience (like my gal-pal H.A.) – then heck! yes we have a deal!

rincon taqueria norwalk ct

But, most importantly, when the owners and chef invite us into their kitchen and spend time to chat with us about our common passion for food and our favorite ingredients …. well! then what I get is tears in my eyes. After all, this is what its all about. A supremely gratifying experience. At least for me. A Chilean wife, mother and chef, cooking Mexican food, is chatting passionately to an Indian and a couple of Syrian guests ….. if this is not pure soulful bliss then what else is it?  We rejoiced in our various cultures- their similarities and differences. And we shared stories about quality family-time centered around food.  Ah! may this joy never end.

What made the experience even more meaningful was that we had just finished our lunch at this restaurant and had LOVED every single bite of it. Ah! the multitude of dishes we ordered. Plate after delicious-plate came to our table ….and left (a short while later) practically licked-clean. Yeah! that good.

rincon taqueria norwalk ct

Rincon Taqueria in Norwalk, is worth a visit.  But don’t expect a fancy sit-down experience…. the ambiance here is super-casual.  What you CAN expect here is authentic, home-style meal done right. Like the food that your grandmother made with finesse, years of experience and abundance of love.

rincon taqueria norwalk ct

The delicious experience will begin with the complimentary beans and rice that will arrive at your table soon after you are settled in. It was the most delicious plate of beans and rice I have EVER eaten. I can totally see myself going back just for that as my main meal. The Tacos were super light and soft — the fish taco and pork are not to be missed. The empanadas were crunchy and flavorful. The burritos at this place are ginormous… they’re like a meal and a half each. I am determined to try those the next time I visit. Sadly there were no Tamales on the menu that day. Oh! well…. need to go back one more time.  A foodie has got to do, whatever needs doing!

There is also a refrigerator full of dishes that are pre-made, pre-packaged and ready to take home as well.  You may have seen some of those under the Du Soleil brand at area Farmers markets and Gourmet markets.  So eat in or take out…. but whatever you do – don’t miss out!

rincon taqueria norwalk ct

The owner and chef, Soledad, is the face and name behind the gourmet catering company Du Soleil. Soledad has experience and training as a fine-dining chef. Her daughter Maria and Maria’s husband Matthew run and co-own the restaurant. Soledad talked to us about a new Mediterranean fine-dining restaurant she is excited to open very soon in Westport (by the train station). And, I for one am holding my breath. This ought to be fab!

Rincon Taqueria | 493 Connecticut Ave, Norwalk CT | 203.354.7313

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