One of my most favorite spots in all of Connecticut is the historic Cobb’s Mill Inn, in Weston.  Dating back to 1639, the mill is situated at a beautiful, truly serene spot along the Saugatuck river, by a stunning waterfall.  The scene is bound to make your jaw drop, as you take in its natural beauty.

For many years, and under various managements, there has been a dining establishment at Cobb’s Mill Inn. It’s current incarnation, a rather recent one, is named “La Rue Elayne” – a fine dining restaurant and catering venue offering live entertainment and happy hours.

Until recently, with all of the restaurant’s incarnations, the only way to enjoy this gorgeous setting was to visit the somewhat formal restaurant or to snag a seat at the bar.  And quite frankly, in all those years the food was never “wow-enough” to convince me to pay the high-prices just to be there.  I always felt, it was such a pity that the best feature of this beautiful town was somewhat inaccessible.

Cobbs Mill Inn, JK Cafe

To my delight, the new owners have also opened up a casual cafe on the property, right next to La Rue Elayne.  JK Cafe, is open from 7 AM to 7 PM offering breakfast, lunch and ice cream.  This casual eatery offers ample seating indoors and out. The well-priced menu at the cafe is just a dream come true.

No reservations necessary.  No need to order a full blown meal or even a cocktail at the bar – just to earn the privilege of enjoying the tranquil setting.  Feel like reading a book in the sun?  Wanna grab a smoothie on your way from a challenging  workout at the gym – but don’t want to worry about first putting on something nice? Wanna sip an iced or hot cup of coffee while watching nature do its beautiful dance?  Looking for a spot to have a quick business meeting with your team? Easy.  Just drop by JK Cafe whenever you fancy.  Simple as that!

Need a quick bite to eat?  No problem. Choose from a great selection of salads and  sandwiches for lunch.  The breakfast menu offers eggs, bagels, burritos, waffles, scones, home made muffins and more.  Just order your meal and pick the best seat in the house.  Will it be the bar stools by the floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the river, or the comfy couch by the fireplace?  Outdoors, you say?  Sure! Why not?  There are plenty of table and chairs on the outdoor patio.  The only choice you need to make now is:  shade or sun.

Cobbs Mill Inn, JK Cafe

The new owners wish to take this stunning historic setting and create a riverside park, to celebrate life by engaging the public through dining, entertainment, education and recreation.  They are offering Sunday brunches and vibrant night life to the quiet little town of Weston and its neighbors.  There are plans to offer educational and social programs in the near future as well.

Personally, I am so glad to finally see a positive change happening at Cobb’s Mill and look forward to many opportunities to take in this wonderful gift of nature in a civilized, hot-cuppa-Joe-in-my-hand sort of way. 😉

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