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Queens Night Market

For weeks I have been strategizing on ways to get there!  So I pitched the idea to friends and fellow-foodies.  Sadly, it didn’t seem to appeal to any of them.  One by one I heard all the reasons and excuses of why they cannot or will not join … Continue Reading ››

Brunch At The Butcher Shop!

I just love the vibe of this neighborhood butcher shop where you are bound to see tons of familiar faces on both sides of the counters. The quality of meats here is always top notch!  The staff is always friendly and extremely knowledgeable- ready to share great tips on how to prep and … Continue Reading ››

Step Aside And Fork It Over!

I was in a state of frenzy!  Excited and restless - to take it all in….. all at one time, if possible.  Too anxious about missing something un-missable!  I wanted to shout out, “Step Aside And Fork It Over”!!!

Those were my true feelings the whole time I was at the “Fork … Continue Reading ››

While Everyone Else Is Chomping On Salads During Lunch

... I am savoring the wonderful flavors of tried, tested and true BBQ.

Come lunchtime, it’s the usual scene at my work every day.  Folks are on this diet or that plan - salads are the only thing they can eat - some are just snacking on fruits and raw vegetables all … Continue Reading ››

2014: A Year In Review – Part 2

It’s a fact:  I am a foodie who keeps her word.

Last week I promised a sequel to my “Top 10 bites in Fairfield county”.  And so here we are with “My Top 10 bites beyond Fairfield county”. A list compiled from my travels near an far.  From New York city to Urbana-Illinois to … Continue Reading ››

I’ll Be Remiss If I Miss Blogging About The Black Dog

Is mealtime just something you need to address so you can carry on with your day? Would you settle for whatever is easily accessible to you, or would you make an effort for something truly worth eating? How much do YOU love good food?  Would you be willing to drive to the next … Continue Reading ››

A Perfect Day Out In Brooklyn!

Last Saturday I was signed up for a cake making class at Momofuku Milk Bar, Brooklyn!  While that alone is reason enough for me to jump on the train to NYC, hurriedly hop on the subway to Brooklyn and then run the rest of the way on foot to Momofuku Milk Bar - … Continue Reading ››

Kajitsu – When You Feel Like Something Unusual

Feeling hungry?  Don’t feel like cooking at home? Feel like going out to eat? Sure!  Well! What do you feel like eating? Chinese? Sushi? Indian? Mexican? Italian? Spanish? Burgers? BBQ? Korean? Just a Salad? Hmmm....  how about Buddhist vegan cuisine? Say what?!!! Click here to read about this unusual spot- Kajitsu: a must-visit foodie destination in New York … Continue Reading ››

Perfect End To A Great Weekend

Last weekend we had LOTS of family over from AZ, NJ and MA.  The house buzzed with activity all weekend long, the conversation un-paused, and our kitchen the center of all the action.

When the last of the guests left on Sunday, all I could get myself to do was cuddle up … Continue Reading ››

Lahore, Delhi & London – Under One Roof!

I am super excited about this new addition to Fairfield County food scene.  It brings back many childhood memories.  Memories that I have tried to re-live ever since I set foot in the US.  Often coming close ... yet not close enough to that taste, that sensation, that feeling of pure pleasure and … Continue Reading ››