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Eating India – A Book Discussion Moderated By Your’s Truly!

Mouth-watering descriptions of the food took me on a culinary journey across India with such a flair for story-telling that I constantly battled between my urge to keep turning to the next page and my urge to put the book down and immediately eat something delicious …. fearing that my drool … Continue Reading ››

The Fastest Tasting Menu Experience!

Ever experienced a tasting menu that lasted precisely 1 hour?

I hadn’t…… until recently, when I visited Babuji in New York with a fellow-foodie (let’s call him Le). Le and I had already agreed on Babuji’s tasting menu instead or ordering a la carte, and when our … Continue Reading ››

An Indian Revolution

Well!  It's about time, don't you think?  For years I have been waiting for Indian cuisine to get a center-stage and the respect it deserves.  All  this time, it has been something that intimidates people, something that makes them uncomfortable- perhaps because of the format in which the food is served.  I get … Continue Reading ››