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Let’s Slurp Ramen Every Sunday!

Well, why not? Specially if that ramen is damn-good?  Packed with flavor and tasting of love and passion in every slurp.  Yeah, I am down for that!

Born in Malaysia, trained in Singapore, boasting work experience with names like chef Nobu and chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten… and now running successful kitchens at Locali … Continue Reading ››

Who Needs Ippudo, When We Have Kawa Ni?

Seriously?!!!   Have you tried the ramen at Kawa Ni yet?

For quite some time, I have been gravitating towards Ippudo NYC every chance I get.  I absolutely LOVE a good bowl of ramen ... and after trying quite a few other options in New York (like Momofuku, Ivan Ramen and Minca … Continue Reading ››