Chefs table brooklyn fare

The Hype Is Real!

…. and the food is worth every single penny of the hefty $330pp (before tax!) price tag for a seat at the Chefs Table @ Brooklyn Fare.

I was practically at a loss for words throughout this dinner.  I mean, when you realize that the bites you are eating are flawless in execution and the ingredients you are savoring are highly unique, meticulously curated and in many cases sourced from across the globe….  there is not much you can say besides “OMG”, “WOW” or “How did they do that?”!!!

The menu is heavy on seafood – and most of the ingredients were ones I had never tasted before.  Each bite was so silken in texture…. oozing with delicate flavors.  The felt like pure luxury!   Had I not been too eager to immediately bite into everything chef Cesar Ramirez and his team was putting in front of me (it being my first time there and all) I may seriously consider lovingly fondling each morsel of food on my plate (like you do a teddy bear soft toy) before I placed it in my mouth!   The one and only meat was, you guessed it, Wagyu beef.  Oh! what an utterly melt-in-your-mouth texture – it was a Wagyu beef experience like none other! 

The restaurant has deservingly earned 3 Michelin stars and the team is intent on keeping them.  I loved how our every need was anticipated and met before we asked for it.  Everyone was very friendly and accommodating.  Chef Ramirez came around a couple of times and spoke to each diner.  And it was pure pleasure to get a highly coveted front row seat at one of the best restaurant kitchens in the world!

What more can I say besides, “you just have to have this experience for yourself?!   In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my short montage of images of food I savored at the Brooklyn Fare.  The restaurant recently moved to Manhattan and now offers a bigger space with more seats for eager diners.  It is tucked at the back of the Brooklyn Fare grocery store.  Reservations are taken every Monday at 10:30am…. for dates six weeks in advance.  If you don’t get through the first few times – keep at it.  I got through after about 10-15 tries!  Once I got though, a reservation for two on a Tuesday night was easy to grab.  Good luck!

Chefs Table at Brooklyn Fare | New York City

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