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Zoni Foods – Healthy, Tasty & Quick Weeknight Meals!

It is no secret that we are in an era of health conscious eating.  We are juicing, we are “vita- mixing” and we are frequenting local farmers’ markets to score fresh and seasonal bounty.  Although with busy work/home schedules, that don’t allow for too much time spent on food-shopping and meal prepping, many of us are also looking for prepped meals that are healthful and a breeze to put together whenever we want them. 

There are many such options on the market.  Just walk though the frozen meals section of any grocery store!  But those meals often miss the mark on their nutrition score… or they are too high in sodium content… or they practically taste like cardboard.  Ugh! They usually put a bad taste in my mouth … literally!

Zoni Foods

Well, hello Zoni Foods!  A small start-up company out of New Haven Connecticut, making plant-based frozen meals that can be cooked on stovetop in as little as 10 minutes!!!  These delicious and unique recipes are pre-cooked and flash-frozen to maintain their freshness.  Going straight from the your freezer to your stovetop, these meals are quite an unexpected and pleasant surprise!

Each box contains one serving, complete with a plant-based protein, a plant-based starch and a nut based sauce… each packaged separately.  Just put your pan on the stove, open up the packets, follow the simple 3-4-step instructions and voila!  I was quite surprised by how filling each meal was and the fact that I felt no need to add additional spices or seasoning.  The labels do come with some suggestions from the chef to further enhance the flavors of the dish…. but it is totally at your discretion.

One thing that I want to note is that the final product in my kitchen did not look as appealing as the picture on the box.  I assumer this is because the pictures are of the prepared dishes just before they are flash frozen and packaged for sale.

Zoni Foods

There are three boxed meals offered by Zoni right now (more to come in the near future):

  1. Coconut Curry Noodles – with carrot and zucchini noodles, coconut cashew curry sauce and spiced chickpeas
  2. Sweet Potato Spirals –  with cashew garlic spice and lentil-mushroom-kale fritters
  3. Zesty Peanut Noodles –  with soba noodles, peanut sauce and black bean fritters

At this time, these meals can be purchased in stores around New Haven.  Look out for them showing up in your area’s stores very soon!

Perhaps the best part about this product is its price:  $5.50 – $6.50 per serving!  How cool is that?!  So, whether you are on a budget or just want to eat healthy without too much fuss – Zoni is right for you.

If you are not already sold on this product, here are a couple of additional facts about Zoni meals:

  1. They are certified vegan and made with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.
  2. These meals are low in sodium and meet FDA designation for low sodium
  3. The flash freezing produce is known to have higher level of nutrients than fresh produce in stores which is often picked too early (to be transported long distances).
  4. Zoni won Rising Star at the Natural Products Expo East 2016

You convinced now?!  🙂

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