A Delicious Eatery!

The wonderful outdoor seating, on a beautiful day like today, caught my eye and it beckoned me to pull up my car and check out this new eatery in Westport.  Touting three very successful businesses in Greenwich, Riverside and Darien, Aux Delices has recently opened its doors to a fourth gateway to yumminess in Westport.

I had never tried food at Aux Delices, but their wonderful ads in all the area magazines had forced me to make a mental note to do so at the first chance I get.  And today was my chance.

As soon as I opened the door to walk in, I was hit by how busy the place was.  It was literally “buzzing” with activity.  The store is filled with tons of scrumptious choices all around.  There are single serve containers of soups, single serve take-out meals, and an amazing variety of food items to choose from at the counter.  You can have you fill of pasta, vegetarian burgers, grilled chicken, poached salmon, pasta salads, meatloaf, quiche, sandwiches and many healthy menu options.

Aux Delices in Westport, Greenwichm, Darien and Riverside

After perusing the entire selection, I settled for a Ham and Gruyere Quiche that was calling out to me!  Greg, the owner suggested that I chose a side salad to go with it, and I agreed.  After my first couple of bites, I had to stop Greg and tell him that this quiche has ruined me for all other quiches I may eat in the future.  It was that good!  Light, fluffy and airy (I seriously would like to know how the eggs were that light), the gruyere and ham were so excellent together in that quiche.  Perfectly seasoned, it is a classic dish implemented with superior refinement!

Aux Delices in Westport, Greenwich, Darien and Riverside

Greg was so wonderful and he brought me a complimentary plate of samplings of pickled onions, beets, watermelon, and kale.  Between the decadence of menu items like quiche and light and tasty fare like these vegetables and fruits … there is truly something for everyone at Aux Delices.

There was a whole counter worth of delectable desserts, which I had to resist this time as I was running late for a meeting.  But I shall be back there very soon.

Aux Delices offers delightful outdoor and indoor seating.  Greg, the perfect host, walks around the whole place making sure that each and every one of his guests is well taken care of.  And the food is simply divine!  All in all, I’d say this is place is a win win!  :-)

Aux Delices | 1035 Post Rd East , Westport | 25 Old Kings Highway N., Darein | 3 West Elm ST., Greenwich | 1075 East Putnam Ave, Riverside | www.auxdelicesfoods.com

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  1. Thanks for heads up on Aux Delices. I have been to the shop in Darien a number of times and it is always delicious. Where is the store in Westport?

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