The Sichuan Pepper Trail

Funny story. Crazy story. But true Story!

It all started about 2 years ago, when I used to follow @ugeats (Underground Eats - which does not really exist anymore) on Twitter. These folks used to create incredibly tempting culinary experiences, and all one had to do was sign up to be a part of it. One such experience was called the Sichuan Pepper Trail… inspired by an article written by Robert Sietsema’s for back in Aug 2013. This article noted the best places to experience this unforgettable pepper often found in Asian cooking. For … Continue Reading ››

Mill Street Bar & Table Greenwich CT

Devoutly Seasonal. Approachably Elegant. Community Spirited.

With a powerful mission statement, full of promises like that, I couldn’t resist my urge to want to learn more about Mill Street Bar & Table.  After all, this sounds like is a promise of passion and dedication - something that most can not and will not live up to.  So, can Mill Street keep their promise?

Sourcing from local purveyors as well as their very own farm (the organic Back 40 Farm in Washington CT), partnering with a rock-star chef who is committed to using seasonal bounty in unique and creative ways, and forming a dynamite … Continue Reading ››

stage left restaurant new brunswick nj

We Meet Again… 20 years later!

Over 20 years ago, I went to a holiday luncheon hosted by my then company (yes … I am THAT old) at a really special restaurant in the heart of New Brunswick NJ.  This restaurant was still fairly new, but from what I had heard, it had already developed quite a phenomenal reputation.  At that time, I was not so savvy about fine dining (my honey and I were on a tight budget in those early years of our marriage) - but I left this restaurant feeling like I had experienced something special… something worth cherishing.  Well! I … Continue Reading ››

Greenwich Food wine festival

A Chance To Attend THE Foodie Event Of The Year!

I must sound like a broken record by now…. but each year I can’t help raving about the greatest and the most talked-about foodie event in Fairfield county!  I still can’t believe we are so lucky as to have a fantabulous food and wine festival happening practically in our backyards.  I mean, who needs to go to Aspen anymore?  We have a seriously high-calibre culinary experience for the taking!  Not just touting local culinary talent but also that of national level celebrities and chefs… the Greenwich Food+Wine festival should be an absolute must-do on every foodie’s and food-enthusiasts’ … Continue Reading ››

barcelona restaurant ct

Go BIG Or Go Home!

BIG flavors composed by BIG food-enthusiasts who are BIG personalities with BIG hearts and BIG ideas, which has led to BIG plans and BIG successes!

That pretty much sums up my thoughts on Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant group, which initially started in South Norwalk and have now expanded across the country at a speed that is simply mind-blowing.  From Connecticut to Massachusetts to Georgia to Washington D.C.!!!  One can only wonder what’s next for this winning team.

barcelona restaurant ct

Ever since I moved to … Continue Reading ››

Millwrights simsbury ct

A Quintessential Connecticut Dining Experience

You hear about a chef for months upon months.  And all you hear is rave reviews.  Every newspaper and magazine article you read - rates this chef at the top of their list.  He is the best of the best, they say.  Named Chef of The Year for 2014 by the CT Restaurant Association, they declare!…..  Oh! OK!  Then you start to hear that this chef is also a favorite of the James Beard Foundation!  So much so that, he has been invited not once not twice … but five times- to come and cook at the James … Continue Reading ››

Teff Restaurant stamford ct

Ethiopian Euphoria

I can’t contain my sheer excitement at the opening of a new restaurant in Stamford. It’s what I have been hoping for. It’s what I crave. It serves one of my most favorite cuisines (a cuisine for which I have traveled near and far in the tri-state area). It’s flavorful. It’s authentic. It’s family-owned and family-run. Heck, it’s all I dreamed of!

It’s an Ethiopian restaurant. They call it Teff. I call it “Bliss”!

The deep and mysterious flavors of Ethiopian cuisine have always mesmerized me. This food reminds me of South Indian cuisine, except not … Continue Reading ››

Bar Sugo norwalk ct

At the Corner Of #ModernItalian & #PeasantFood

… you will find chef Pat Pascarella’s dream come true: Bar Sugo.  Amidst a constant and ever changing culinary landscape with its comings and goings of area restaurants, it is important to take a moment and recognize this gem which has been proudly serving delicious and consistent food for almost three years now.  Ask anyone about Bar Sugo, and they will tell you its one of their favorite places to eat in Fairfield county.  The reason is as simple as the simply delicious food that chef Pascarella keeps dishing out night after night.

Continue Reading ››

vespa restaurant westport ct

Flavors Of Italy On The Banks Of Saugatuck

There is something so special about stepping inside the historic Inn At National Hall building, overlooking the spectacular Saugatuck River, in the heart of Westport …  It was my first time in this building - until now I had just walked around it or heard references to it in conversations.  This building has been at the heart of the evolution of Westport CT, since the 1800’s.  How cool is that?

Add to that the beauty of the Saugatuck river as the sunlight shimmers on its rippling waters. Spellbinding!

vespa restaurant … <a href=Continue Reading ››

awadh new york

Summer Seafood Celebration At James Beard House

…. Indian Style!   Thanks to a very talented chef who is rapidly growing his empire of Indian restaurants in New York.  Chef Gaurav Anand is not a professionally trained chef - yet his restaurants Awadh, Bhatti Indian Grill and Moti Mahal Delux are serving up food that can rival the best of the best when it comes to Indian cuisine in New York!  For a self-taught chef, who showed great perseverance and patience in learning by simply observing other Indian chefs in action, it is indeed a great honor to be invited to cook … Continue Reading ››

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