benoit new york

Benoit: A Night To Remember

Last week, I teased your with my other NYCWFF adventure.... an exceptional night with refined food and memorable company! Did I have you sitting at the edge of your seats all week?  Ha!  Ha!

I am an Indian by origin, and so my palate always gravitates towards bold and strong flavors … Continue Reading ››

gregory marchand Frenchie paris

Frenchie: Highly Coveted-Highly Elusive

You may remember that earlier this year I visited Paris.  While there, my focus was primarily on French pastries.  For our meals - our plan was to pretty much eat where our exploration takes us - we did not want to get restricted by reservation times.  But there were two restaurant … Continue Reading ››

West Side Grill litchfield ct

Hungry in Litchfield

It’s fall season and everywhere we look - we find vibrant colors emerging on the trees.  Each year, around this time, my honey and I like to take a drive up to Litchfield and enjoy the spectacular foliage.  And each year, food plays a key role in our trip-planning.

Last year we … Continue Reading ››

Hanjan korean new york

Stamping Korean On The Culinary Map For Good

I am a recent fan of Korean food.  Until then, I always thought of Korean food as that somewhat sweet BBQ sauce often found coating various meats on skewers. Oh! and kimchi!  Beyond that, I really did not have any clue what Korean food is all about - or if it was even … Continue Reading ››

Jean-georges inn at pound ridge

Jean-Georges: Need I Say More?

Old world charm with a contemporary twist!  That about sums up the vibe of this recent addition to our suburban dining scene.  Inn at Pound Ridge boasts a history dating back to the 1800’s.  Surrounded by the pristine beauty, which is the essence of New England landscape, it needed some tender loving care … Continue Reading ››

The Black Dog, Urbana IL

I’ll Be Remiss If I Miss Blogging About The Black Dog

Is mealtime just something you need to address so you can carry on with your day? Would you settle for whatever is easily accessible to you, or would you make an effort for something truly worth eating? How much do YOU love good food?  Would you be willing to drive to the next … Continue Reading ››

rincon taqueria norwalk ct

Rincon: Is A Reason I Became A Food-Blogger

No. Not to show myself off as some sort of an authority on food. Not to make money. Not even to get free meals. No. The reason I blog about food is because I am passionate about the subject. I revel in meeting like-minded people and learning from them ... chefs, foodies, home … Continue Reading ››

Bodega Taco Truck

I Feel Lucky. Oh, So Lucky!

How many people do you know, who can honestly say that they LOVE going to work?  No many, right?  For the most part ours is a culture centered around weekends and weekend-activities.  But what if there is something that makes our otherwise grueling work-week a bit more fun? Something to look forward to?  … Continue Reading ››

Lobstercraft darien ct

Lobster Is A Craft!

After about a year and half of chasing down “the truck” all around Fairfield county ... checking its status and location updates on the internet and social media, navigating the perpetually crowded roads and highways, meandering through area’s Farmers Markets on days when the truck was supposed to show up ..... this exhausted foodie … Continue Reading ››


Sheer Brilliance of LetsGoOrder

Too busy at work to go out and grab lunch?  Too tired in the evenings to cook?  Too caught up in that football game on TV to go grocery shopping for dinner? Or just too lazy to make an effort?!!!  Whatever excuse your mind makes, your body is going to make sure … Continue Reading ››

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