Modern at MoMa New york

Food As Art

Street food?  Rustic homestyle food?  Fancy food?  Ethnic food?

When you get hungry while visiting the Museum of Modern Art in the heart of New York city,  what kind of food will you crave?   Me?  What can I say?  Being surrounded by gorgeous, jaw-dropping works of modern art,  I was in a … Continue Reading ››

Pass & Provisions houston

Pass & Provisions: Among The Best In America!

Ever since Bon Appetit magazine named Pass & Provisions, Houston, as one of the best new restaurants in America 2013 - I had been dying to check it out for myself.  There were 49 other restaurants on this list, but what stuck with me about this place is it’s unusual concept.  It is … Continue Reading ››

fin stamford

Fin – An Oldie And A Goodie

A few years and a couple of jobs ago, a colleague of mine used to RAVE about Fin.  At that time, I did make a mental note to check it out for myself- but living near Westport area, I somehow always find myself at Matsu Sushi.  Besides, with all the new restaurants that … Continue Reading ››

Kajitsu new york

Kajitsu – When You Feel Like Something Unusual

Feeling hungry?  Don’t feel like cooking at home? Feel like going out to eat? Sure!  Well! What do you feel like eating? Chinese? Sushi? Indian? Mexican? Italian? Spanish? Burgers? BBQ? Korean? Just a Salad? Hmmm....  how about Buddhist vegan cuisine? Say what?!!! Click here to read about this unusual spot- Kajitsu: a must-visit foodie destination in New York … Continue Reading ››
saugatuck craft butchery wesport

Craft Butchery – Fine Dining At A Butcher Shop!

....  I mean, who would have thunk?!!!

That was precisely the thought that came to my mind as the courses started to arrive during a special dinner at Saugatuck Craft Butchery.  The theme was a celebration of National Pi Day (March 14th)!  3.14159, the value if Pi , is just a bunch … Continue Reading ››

safita fairfield ct

Safita – Consistently Delicious

With an ever changing culinary landscape in and around Fairfield County- restaurant openings and closings, chefs migrating from one restaurant to another, menus getting revamped, hit-or-miss experiences from one night to another with staff and servers... I am always left feeling at the edge of my seat.

While it makes for a … Continue Reading ››

New York Restaurant Show

A Day At The New York Restaurant Show

A gathering of hundreds and hundreds of culinary professionals, restauranteurs, food purveyors, industry vendors, pastry chefs, candy makers, snack-inventors, bread bakers ... you name it!  I love visiting the New York Restaurant & Foodservice Show each year because, in one visit, I get a comprehensive idea of things to come and trends to … Continue Reading ››

Consiglio's new haven

Consiglio’s – Old Fashioned Italian Dining

Almost seven or eight months ago, a dear cousin of ours gave us a gift card to a place called Consiglio’s in New Haven.  I had never heard of the place and so I assumed that it must not be that great.  Ha! Well!  You know what they say happens when you “assume”? … Continue Reading ››

Versailles Bistro Patisserie Greenwich ct

Versailles Bistro Patisserie – A Lost Gem, Rediscovered

A few Months ago, I felt absolutely devastated when I heard that Versailles Bistro & Patisserie had closed its doors after thirty successful years!   I have had angelic dreams about their pastries and croissants and woken up to find drool on my pillow, for goodness sake!!!  There was nothing more satisfying than … Continue Reading ››

laduree macaroons new york

Macaron Mania!

I have just had this vision.  A vision of my perfect world. Here is how it unfolds.... each morning my doorbell rings.  I open the door and I find a box of fresh Laduree macarons. Delivered. JUST FOR ME!!!  Aaahhh ...

 If only!

The moment I walked into the Laduree shop … Continue Reading ››

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