Fjord Fish Market cos cob ct

Fjord Fish Market: Great Seafood For Lunch

Busy day at work? Feel like taking a break and going out for lunch? Need something fast?  And definitely something good?  Love seafood?  Well….. I have the perfect answer for you!

Fjord Fish Market in Cos Cob, Connecticut.

I have visited there a few times in the past couple of months.  It is Fairfield county’s premier fish market - well known for its quality and fresh seafood offering premium and responsibly-sourced seafood.  How perfect that they also offer prepared as well as made-to-order foods - complete with party platters as well as lunch options … Continue Reading ››

mokbar chelsea market nyc

Chelsea Market NYC: Getting Bigger & Better

On a beautiful day, one of my favorite past-times in New York city is strolling down the spectacular High Line park, taking in the gorgeous water and city views from this totally unique vantage point, and then stepping off around 16th street to walk right into the Chelsea Market for some delicious sustenance.

Over the years, I have identified my must-eats…. Let’s start with Fat Witch Bakery, shall we?  I mean, have you tried their brownies?  They are totally addictive!  Stroll down just a bit and end up at The Lobster Place for all … Continue Reading ››

chez painsse california

Scintillating San Francisco

What a great city it is!  Vibrant and welcoming with an outdoorsey-lifestyle that lasts all year round. Beautiful waterfronts, parks and piers.   And food. Good food. Damn good food!  We are talking fresh-from-the-farm fruits and vegetables.  Just-caught seafood.  And an incredible group of chefs who are doing magical things with these fabulous ingredients.

This was my third visit to San Francisco.... and I was excited to hit all the must-do items I had added to my list since the last time I was here.  Needless to say - they all had to do with food!!!

Continue Reading ››

Merveilleux new york

Marvelous Merveilleux

A recent article in New York Times made me jump up and rush to New York city.

Yeah! you guessed it … the article was about food!  It talked about a recently spotted sweet treat at some select french bakeries in the city.  Apparently this little “snow-ball” of a dessert is quite popular in France & Belgium. They say it is quite possibly the next fad after Ladurée Macarons and the Cronut by Dominique Ansel.  Please welcome, the Merveilleux!

Now, I am a HUGE Ladurée macaron and Dominique Ansel Cronut fan!  I have had many… … Continue Reading ››

Shanghai Gourmet Westport ct

Shanghai Gourmet, Westport: Tried & True

With the constant buzz and hype (on the internet, social media and in personal conversations) about “what’s new” in the ever-changing culinary scene around us - some of us self-proclaimed foodies get so focused on trying to catch up!.  So much so, that it is easy to overlook the tried and true staples that have been around for years.  They are right here under our noses. They have never failed us. They see us running around from one restaurant opening to the next wine-dinner to the next food festival - and all the while they patiently wait for … Continue Reading ››

Pho 501 east hartford ct

A PHO-nny story!

Last weekend, feeling a bit ambitious AND a bit stir crazy, my honey and I decided to go for a drive and explore the Vietnamese food scene beyond Fairfield county.  Our dear friend “Google” revealed East Hartford as home to one of the highly rated Vietnamese restaurants in Connecticut called Le’s Vietnamese Restaurant.  So off we went.

It was a long drive but we kept our eye on the prize.  And the whole drive up there, we discussed what we are going to order and in which order we will eat it.  A hearty bowl of Pho … Continue Reading ››

Pinotxo Tapas Bar Barcelona

Barcelona – City of Tapas, Paella, La Boqueria and Ferran Adria

I just came back from a fantabulous, food-filled, fun-filled, awe-inspiring, thrill-evoking trip to Barcelona!  Four full days in the city meant 8-12 meals that can be planned and enjoyed. So... what are we waiting for?!

It is hard to find bad food in Barcelona. With the Mediterranean edging right along the city, the seafood was addictively fresh, luscious and delicious.  The markets were oozing with fresh fruits and vegetables.  Tapas bars adorned practically every street in all their glory.  My senses were on an all-time high level of excitement.

La Boqueria … <a href=Continue Reading ››

Momofuku ko nyc

“K”nocked “O”ut by KO

Some reservations are so hard to get that the harder you try… and subsequently fail, the more obsessed you get with trying even harder.   But then, as your obsession grows - so does your expectation.  And you find yourself grumbling: “This place better be damn good, or else….”

Ko is one such place to me.  I have tried and tried to get a reservation for my friends and I.  And every time I explored the reservation system - it appeared that a reservation for 1 was far easier to get than the same for 2 or more … Continue Reading ››

le fat poodle old greenwich

The Newcomer – Le Fat Poodle

What a breath of fresh air.  As I dined at Le Fat Poodle in Old Greenwich it occurred to me that, with the tiresome explosion of gastropubs and modern american restaurants all around us, this newcomer is a welcome change.  It made me feel like I was on a vacation.  Where, I couldn’t say - because it is hard to discern one distinct corner of the globe the restaurant may draw its inspiration from.  Could I be in Fiji?  Or Paris perhaps?  But the mussels tasted like Thailand …. so maybe Asia?  The menu and decor at this … Continue Reading ››

bufalina pizza guilford ct

Precious Little Gem Of Guilford

It was at a holiday party last December that we (my honey and I) were engaged in a deep conversation with our dear foodie-pals Amy and Ryan.  The topic of discussion was: great pizza in Connecticut.  Of course famous New Haven based legends like Pepe’s, Modern Apizza and Bar came up.  We concurred that each is amazing in their own special way.  But then Amy and Ryan told us about Bufalina in Guilford.   A must try, they said.  Twist our arm, we said.  ;-)

A cozy little spot with just a handful of seats, Bufalina is … Continue Reading ››

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