Mike's Deli Arthur Avenue Bronx

I Finally Made It To Arthur Avenue

Just under an hour’s drive from Fairfield County, this most authentic “Little Italy” in the city is bursting with incredible Italian shopping and eateries.  And I have no friggin’ idea why it took me this long to finally visit Arthur Avenue in the Bronx!

Perhaps my hesitation was that I knew nothing … Continue Reading ››

Future Chefs by Ramin Ganeshram

Perfect Holiday Gift For Young Adults On Your List

When it comes to food, we are are living in the most exciting times ever!  We find ourselves in a new culinary landscape that pulls from old traditions and adds a generous dose of modern and contemporary.  Rare ingredients are becoming mainstream. New cooking techniques being implemented by professional and home cooks alike. … Continue Reading ››

Ramen at Kawani westport

Who Needs Ippudo, When We Have Kawa Ni?

Seriously?!!!   Have you tried the ramen at Kawa Ni yet?

For quite some time, I have been gravitating towards Ippudo NYC every chance I get.  I absolutely LOVE a good bowl of ramen ... and after trying quite a few other options in New York (like Momofuku, Ivan Ramen and Minca … Continue Reading ››

Flushing chinatown joe distefano

Flushing Chinatown Food Tour With The Guy Who Ate Queens

New York magazine calls him “The Guy Who Ate Queens”.  Intrigued?

Queens, New York is a melting pot of world cultures.  If the entire world was shrunk into a condensed little ball - what you may get is Queens!  Indian, Pakistani, Tibetan, Malaysian, Ecuadorian, Chinese, Nepalese, Mexican.....  you name the ethnicity and … Continue Reading ››

marta pizza nyc

Marta: Pizza Redefined

Incredibly thin and crunchy crust, topped with the most delectable and addictive combinations of freshest ingredients, bite after bite after bite of savory goodness.  Mmmmm .... this just might be the “pizza-heaven”.

I have been seeing Marta’s name pop-up in practically every NYC-must-eat-list lately.  EVERYONE seems to be raving about how awesome … Continue Reading ››

Basso Cafe Norwalk ct

Basso Cafe: Exuberant and Exceptional

Have you ever heard of Basso Cafe in Norwalk?

I discovered this gem long before I started blogging....  And once I started blogging, I have not had the pleasure of dining there again.  But all this while, I have noticed that not many Fairfield county residents talk about it.  Could it be … Continue Reading ››

Match Chelsea chef Matt Storch

A Master’s Classroom

Matt Storch - a master chef - a man well loved and liked by Fairfield county residents - a man I greatly admire for his effortless talent and mesmerizing panache in the kitchen!

Every time I meet and chat with Matt, I am struck by the depth of knowledge he has on … Continue Reading ››

benoit new york

Benoit: A Night To Remember

Last week, I teased your with my other NYCWFF adventure.... an exceptional night with refined food and memorable company! Did I have you sitting at the edge of your seats all week?  Ha!  Ha!

I am an Indian by origin, and so my palate always gravitates towards bold and strong flavors … Continue Reading ››

gregory marchand Frenchie paris

Frenchie: Highly Coveted-Highly Elusive

You may remember that earlier this year I visited Paris.  While there, my focus was primarily on French pastries.  For our meals - our plan was to pretty much eat where our exploration takes us - we did not want to get restricted by reservation times.  But there were two restaurant … Continue Reading ››

West Side Grill litchfield ct

Hungry in Litchfield

It’s fall season and everywhere we look - we find vibrant colors emerging on the trees.  Each year, around this time, my honey and I like to take a drive up to Litchfield and enjoy the spectacular foliage.  And each year, food plays a key role in our trip-planning.

Last year we … Continue Reading ››

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