COCHON555 New York

This Little Piggy Went to COCHON555

I first heard about Cochon US Tour in a casual conversation - about a year or so ago.  For some bizarre inexplicable reason, I initially thought it was some kind of a music festival.  Ha!  Thankfully, curiosity made me look it up on Twitter and I started to follow @COCHON555.  What I got was tons of tweets about .... no! not music......   but PORK!

I was hooked. I wanted to know more. I wanted to be a part of this pork-laden experience.  Further google-searching made me realize that this is a traveling experience - traveling from … Continue Reading ››

Bobby Q's Pit Stop Old Greenwich

While Everyone Else Is Chomping On Salads During Lunch

... I am savoring the wonderful flavors of tried, tested and true BBQ.

Come lunchtime, it’s the usual scene at my work every day.  Folks are on this diet or that plan - salads are the only thing they can eat - some are just snacking on fruits and raw vegetables all day - some go as far as skipping lunch and waiting for their big meal at dinnertime!  Ugh!

Not me!  Lunch time is scared to me.  I start thinking about it the day before - soon after I am done with lunch as a … Continue Reading ››

cronut dominique ansel

My First Bite Of The CRONUT!!!

Delicious.  Decadent.  Drool-worthy.  Divine!

Yes, after months upon months of hearing all the cronut hype, I finally got my first taste of this one-of-kind-sweet-treat!  This month’s version was incredible layers of airy and crunchy pastry with a surprisingly delightful cream filling of Valrhona milk chocolate, topped with caramelized malt icing and a drizzle of maldon sea salt.  Not too sweet... definitely rich in taste, I was absolutely amazed at the crunchy layers not only outside but deep inside the layers upon layers of this pastry.... infact,  I am still wondering, “how did Dominique Ansel do that”!

It’s not … Continue Reading ››

Sultaan ke kulle delhi

I Ended 2014 With A Bang!

A trip to Delhi, India is an explosion of sensory experiences.

Loud noises(from horns blaring), millions and millions of people out on the streets (at all times of day or night), perpetual atmospheric haze (from the pollution and dust), constant raw chill in the air during winter months (both outside and inside the homes-which are typically not heated)...  All of these factors will make you feel like running back to the comforts of life in the US as soon as possible.

Ahhhh..... but then there is the generally electrified energy all around, the smiling faces of … Continue Reading ››

best restaurants beyond Fairfield County

2014: A Year In Review – Part 2

It’s a fact:  I am a foodie who keeps her word.

Last week I promised a sequel to my “Top 10 bites in Fairfield county”.  And so here we are with “My Top 10 bites beyond Fairfield county”. A list compiled from my travels near an far.  From New York city to Urbana-Illinois to Paris to London!  Phew!!!  It was a tough job - but oh, so flavorful!

So brace yourselves peeps.... here we go!


1. Bowl of Ramen at Ippudo, NYC. This has to be my favorite Ramen … Continue Reading ››
Best restaurants fairfield county

2014: A Year In Review – Part 1

Well, folks!  As 2014 comes to a close, I can’t help but look back and feel a great sense of satisfaction.  I ATE A LOT this year - and I am all the happier for it.   My personal journey took me on an exploration of all things food near and far!  I got to check off a lot of items on my list and of course add tons of new ones.

There were many memorable bites of food and full-on dining experiences.  In the next few articles, I will recap of my most notable food moments of … Continue Reading ››

Mike's Deli Arthur Avenue Bronx

I Finally Made It To Arthur Avenue

Just under an hour’s drive from Fairfield County, this most authentic “Little Italy” in the city is bursting with incredible Italian shopping and eateries.  And I have no friggin’ idea why it took me this long to finally visit Arthur Avenue in the Bronx!

Perhaps my hesitation was that I knew nothing about Arthur Avenue’s gems - and wanted desperately for someone to show me the way the first time.  After numerous plans with many friends (who were well-versed on Arthur Ave) fizzled out ... I decided to take matters into my own hands.  A Walking Tour … Continue Reading ››

Future Chefs by Ramin Ganeshram

Perfect Holiday Gift For Young Adults On Your List

When it comes to food, we are are living in the most exciting times ever!  We find ourselves in a new culinary landscape that pulls from old traditions and adds a generous dose of modern and contemporary.  Rare ingredients are becoming mainstream. New cooking techniques being implemented by professional and home cooks alike. New kitchen gadgets being innovated practically every day. We are constantly looking to discover the next innovative idea- experimenting with fusion of flavors and world cuisines.

Chefs and farmers and butchers and fish purveyors and diners are all in closer communication than ever before.  … Continue Reading ››

Ramen at Kawani westport

Who Needs Ippudo, When We Have Kawa Ni?

Seriously?!!!   Have you tried the ramen at Kawa Ni yet?

For quite some time, I have been gravitating towards Ippudo NYC every chance I get.  I absolutely LOVE a good bowl of ramen ... and after trying quite a few other options in New York (like Momofuku, Ivan Ramen and Minca etc), I found that Ippudo is my favorite.  Well! I am clearly not alone, because you are bound to find a queue no matter when you visit Ippudo.

I love the incredible depth of flavor in their broths and the rich succulence of the … Continue Reading ››

Flushing chinatown joe distefano

Flushing Chinatown Food Tour With The Guy Who Ate Queens

New York magazine calls him “The Guy Who Ate Queens”.  Intrigued?

Queens, New York is a melting pot of world cultures.  If the entire world was shrunk into a condensed little ball - what you may get is Queens!  Indian, Pakistani, Tibetan, Malaysian, Ecuadorian, Chinese, Nepalese, Mexican.....  you name the ethnicity and it has established its roots right here in New York.... well, Queens to be precise!

To a foodie like me, it poses a great opportunity to explore world cuisine - without having to travel across the globe!  Yet, the task can be quite intimidating.  … Continue Reading ››

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