Sheer Brilliance of LetsGoOrder

Too busy at work to go out and grab lunch?  Too tired in the evenings to cook?  Too caught up in that football game on TV to go grocery shopping for dinner? Or just too lazy to make an effort?!!!  Whatever excuse your mind makes, your body is going to make sure … Continue Reading ››

Le farm westport ct

Le Farm – Le Magnifique

As soon as I came home from dinner the other night, I could not resist messaging Chef Arik Bensimon on Facebook with these words:  “You have blown me away!  This was the best and most exciting meal I have had in a long long time”.  True words, in my humble opinion.

Every … Continue Reading ››

London heston blumenthal

Fairfield County Foodie Visits London

My recent four day trip to London turned out to be incredibly memorable!  What made it this amazing was the fact that I was able to check off every item on my foodie-must-do list!

I have been to London a few times now, and each time I fall deeper and deeper in … Continue Reading ››

The gorbals brooklyn

A Perfect Day Out In Brooklyn!

Last Saturday I was signed up for a cake making class at Momofuku Milk Bar, Brooklyn!  While that alone is reason enough for me to jump on the train to NYC, hurriedly hop on the subway to Brooklyn and then run the rest of the way on foot to Momofuku Milk Bar - … Continue Reading ››

Balaboosta New York

Balaboosta: Mediterranean Meets Middle East

Chef Einat Admony has been causing quite a stir in the New York city dining scene.  I have seen her name pop up in many magazine articles lately. Offering delicious cuisine of Israel (her origin) with a dash of mediterranean- Balaboosta (her charming restaurant on Mulberry Street in NYC) has been on my … Continue Reading ››

Summer Fancy Food Show New York

Exploring The Summer Fancy Food Show

This was my second year visiting the Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC and once again, I came back feeling overwhelmed by all that our world has to offer.  Food and drink purveyors from all over the world congregated on 3+ ginormous levels of the Jacob Javits Center for … Continue Reading ››

Kati n more stamford ct

Just Roll With It at Kati N’ More

So excited to have accidentally stumbled across a very new and very exciting spot in Stamford.  Launching with a soft-open this week, Kathi N’ More brings to Fairfield County’s culinary landscape a much-loved Indian street food called Kati Rolls.

What is a Kati Roll? It’s a punch of Indian flavors and spices … Continue Reading ››

Chickalicious new york

Unusual NYC Foodie Finds!

In my last few trips to New York City, I have discovered some really cool and unusual foodie destinations - places that were never on my radar.  And by "unusual", I mean places that I don't usually gravitate to.  No one in my circle was talking about them... absolutely no one!  Usually when that … Continue Reading ››

marc forgione at de gustibus

Front Row Seat In Iron Chef Marc Forgione’s Class

Do you like attending cooking classes?  What’s the part that you like the most?  The eating?  The opportunity to tap into a chef’s trade secrets? Or the chance to get to know a chef and his/her style of cooking?

I recently took an excellent cooking class at De Gustibus Cooking School in … Continue Reading ››

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