A Delightful Sensory Experience

Wonder if you feel the same way I do, every time I step into Isabelle et Vincent in Fairfield.  All my senses come to full attention.  As the door opens, the first thing that hits me is the smell of wonderful baked goodies.  Breads, pastries, cakes, tarts, quiches  …. Mmm! 

Next, as I walk up the steps into the store, my eyes light up!  Stunning and colorful displays all decked up with hundred of yummy treats.  How can someone ever settle for one or even two things at this store?  Well! I don’t!  Because, each time I go there, I think to myself,  “Well!  I want one of these, and two of those….Oh!  and I must try that”.  And so it begins…  :-) Isabelle et Vincent Bakery in Fairfield CT

Taste, for me, the most important sense …. finally gets gratified!  Last weekend I went there for a quick brunch.  I love that the bakery offers great choices like croque monsieur, mini quiches etc ready to go.  All you need to do is ask them to heat it for you as you sip some coffee and voila, brunch is served! Isabelle et Vincent Bakery in Fairfield CT

As I savored my meal, I pondered upon what I should buy to take home. I could not resist their decadent brioche and their french bread this time.   Have you had their brioche?  It’s almost like a cake!  Light and airy, buttery soft with a hint of sweetness. One taste and I was inspired to make some bread pudding when I got home.  Not hard to do, as this brioche had already done most of the work for me.  All I had to do was toss it in some egg, sugar and milk mixture.  Fold in some semi-sweet chocolate chips and bake.  To top off this bread putting, I made a sauce that my friend, Chef Pietro has taught me….. can’t let you in on his secret but all I can say is that it has cognac in it!  BTW: this brioche will also be amazing with French toast.   Note to self:  make some French toast very very soon. 

Half the French bread went into my belly with butter, and the other half came in handy the next day for some warm and comforting French onion soup!  What a classic.  A classic hit, that is!

Isabelle et Vincent Bakery in Fairfield CT

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