A Secret Brunch Spot

Looking for a brunch spot?   Want something different?  But don’t want to compromise on the quality of the food?  Well, then Sugar&Olives in Norwalk is your place.

Sugar&Olives has been around for over three years.  They are a permanent fixture at the Westport Farmers Market.  And yet it is amazing how few people have heard of them.  This may partly be because of the fact that they are tucked away on a side street off of Post Rd.  Right between Whole Foods and Bow Tie Cinemas, many of us pass them by without realizing that they are there.

When I think of Sugar&Olives, two words come to mind, ”unique and delicious”.   A very trendy and unconventional interior with lounge like atmosphere and open kitchen.  You may almost feel like you have walked into your friend’s home … you know the one who really knows how to cook?  :-)

Jennifer, the owner is a very talented lady.  She prides in the quality of her ingredients and  the genius of her cooking. With a menu that changes daily (based on seasonal ingredients and what Jennifer is able to buy that day) this place can never be boring.   As if that is not enough, Jennifer has a knack of creating dishes that have layers of surprises built into them.

Case in point, we ordered an egg white frittata.  It was loaded with gorgeous and fresh cherry tomatoes.  As we started biting into it, we noticed the yummy pea puree that had formed a hidden bed underneath.  The bright green of the pea puree was so striking with the red of the tomatoes.  What a sight!  A few more bites into this frittata, and we hit the olive tapenade, buried in the center.  All I can say is, WOW! Sugar&Olives in Norwalk CT

The Rolled Eggs were stuffed with a delicious mushroom confit.  It was so light and so perfectly cooked.  The earthy flavors of the mushrooms were amazing.  This was a symphony of delicate textures and flavors.

Jennifer highly recommended the Angel Food French Toast Sticks.   If you see it on the menu when you go there, you MUST order it!  The angel food cake was so light and airy.  Gently sweeted with a dusting of powdered sugar, and served with delicious syrup on the side.  I kid you not when I say that the bite and texture of these French toast sticks were almost as soft and as airy as marshmallows.  This dish is well worth it.

Jennifer’s aesthetic in presentation and flavors of her food are sure to wow and inspire you.  I simply loved the tea cups they use.  It put a huge smile on my face,  that stayed there for the rest of the day.  :-) Sugar&Olives in Norwalk CT

With a wonderful selection of teas and coffee this place will satisfy all your morning cravings in the best possible of ways.  Even the sugar is scented and flavored with vanilla bean.  How divine!

Sugar&Olives is open for dinner on weekends.  The rest of the days they are open from 8AM to 3 PM.  There are some wonderful cooking classes coming up at the restaurant. They also hold private parties on their premises.  Be sure to check out their website for more.Sugar&Olives Norwalk CT

Sugar&Olives | 21 1/2 Lois Street, Norwalk CT | 203.454.3663 | http://www.sugarandolives.com/

Lois Street is the one right by McDonalds 

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7 thoughts on “A Secret Brunch Spot”

  1. I went with a group of girlfriends to this place for lunch. We like to try new restaurants every week, so we decided to give it a try. The owner was so rude! and the service was terrible! The food was ok, nothing special at all; just a nice presentation..The owner should remember that she has a business, and a good costumer service should start with her. It was a very bad experience! At some point we thought that she felt “beneath her” to help the waitress.. Agh it was awful! Never again!!!

  2. Monica, Check out their table at the Westport Farmer’s Market. The woman who runs the booth is friendly and inviting and the baked goods are amazing. Get there before noon b/c her cookies will sell out. I do however agree with the writer – best brunch around in my opinion. Maybe you just dined on an off day. Everyone has them.

  3. Andrea, Thank You for the info.. However being a business owner as well I believe that no matter how stressed you are, Customer service should never be bad! I will let my friends know about Nicholas Roberts .. We will try it! Thank you for the info!
    What place do you recommend to have breakfast/cofee with friends? A place that is open at 9:30am Around Westport ??

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