Authentic French Country Experience

A modest and unassuming little place in the middle of a shopping center in downtown Wilton, Bon Appetit Bistro consistently delivers outstanding Country French style food.  It’s one of my favorite places to eat when I am in the mood for some soul-satisfying, hearty deliciousness.

We often meet friends for dinner there and most of them are surprised that this place exists in Wilton shopping center.  Easy to miss with a small little canopy and two simple words, “Bon Appetit”, it is almost like a little secret unknown to the rest of the world.  Yet, here is one place that should be on every Fairfield County resident’s “Must Visit” list.

Furnished with just a handful of tables and a tiny kitchen open to the dining area from where Chef Lional smiles and talks to everyone as he cooks, I am constantly amazed at the complexity of dishes that come out to our table. Daily specials are presented to each table on a small chalk-board.  Every dish is authentic to French county style of cooking, yet the presentation is refined and the flavors divine. Bon Appetit Cafe, French Restaurant in Wilton CT

One of the things that you must try at this restaurant is the French Onion Soup.   Perfect onion-flavored broth topped with perfect pieces of crunchy bread with perfectly melted cheese on top.  Hey! did I tell you it was PERFECT?!!!  :-)

For main course, I typically end up ordering one of my usuals,  ie Chicken Normandy or Sirloin with Green peppercorn sauce. But this time I tried Salmon Beurre Blanc.  It was awesome.  The salmon skin was really crispy and the Beurre Blanc sauce was creamy and tangy. Their Duck Leg Confit was excellent as well.  Another one of the things I simply “wait” for at this place is their side of Au Gratin Potatoes. They are my favorite!  Delicate and creamy with a crispy topping… yum!  Bon Appetit Cafe, French Restaurant in Wilton CT

This time, on their menu they offered Crepe Nepolean for dessert.  The name looked intriguing and we asked what it was.  Barbara, our wonderful hostess, explained that it is layers after layers of thin crepes stacked together with creamy Crème Anglaise sauce in between the layers.  The final result is like a multi layered cake which is then cross-sectioned into single servings and topped with more sauce and served with fresh strawberry and whipped cream.  Mmm……!!!  The sauce was lightly sweetened and was the perfect complement to the gorgeous layers of soft chewy crepes.  So delicate in its flavors and textures, I am still dreaming about this dessert and planning to go back again for more.

This is a great spot for a romantic date night.  Bon Appetit is also a favorite hotspot for lunchtime.  For lunch they offer a lighter fare including one of my favorites: Petite Bouillabaisse!

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