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Years ago, a dear friend of mine, L.G., introduced me to a hidden gem in Westport, CT.  Since then, I have been to this restaurant many times with her.  However, every time I speak of this gem in company of other foodies I get the sense that no one seems to know that this place even exists!  Could it be that, there are so many new eateries constantly opening up in Fairfield County that people are always playing “catch up”?  Could it be that our food culture is so rapidly moving towards modern-American as well as fusion cuisine that the authentic cultural cuisines are losing their charm? What gives?!!!

Finalmente Trattoria in Westport offers a truly authentic Italian dining experience.  Every time I step in through their front door, I feel I have been transported to Italy.  Andre, the owner, and his staff are sure to make everyone feel welcome.  Chef Guido Tenorio will whip up simply gorgeous homestyle recipes from families in northern and southern Italy for his guest’s dining  pleasure.  As soon as you settle in, you will also notice that those who know of this place are regulars, and Andre knows them by name.

Situated just blocks away from Westport Playhouse, it is a perfect restaurant for pre-show dining. It is also a great choice for a romantic dinner for two.  Get the hint, people? :-) Finalmente Trattoria in Westport

I normally go there for dinner, but last week I got a chance to lunch there with my BFF (Best Fellow Foodie) H.A.  We started the meal with Carpaccio  di Tonno.  This sliced rare tuna over salad with capers and lemon citrus dressing was delicious.  The tuna was amazing!  It tasted like a cross between smoked salmon and ham!  I have never tasted anything like this before.

It was a gloomy and rainy day and it made us crave some good old fashioned soup and pasta.  We were so excited to see Pasta e Fagioli.  Hearty and delicious…this soup was excellent and really made me think of Italy.  We also ordered Bucatini Carbonara.  Yum!  The pancetta was divine in this egg based sauce.  Grated parmigiano reggiano cheese was the perfect finish to the dish.

We were quite full, but could not resist the urge to order dessert and coffee.  To our delight, the coffee came with delicious homemade biscotti.  I LOVED this little touch.  So Italy!  :-) Finalmente Trattoria in Westport CT

Dessert made us ooh and aah the entire time we ate it.  A simply divine Tiramisu!  Every layer, of cookie, cake and cream was so decadently light and airy.  Perfectly sweetened and expertly moist.  You MUST try this dessert at Finalmente Trattoria.  It should make it on everyone’s bucket list.  :-)

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