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Barcelona restaurants have been my family’s favorite for years now.  Its one of a handful of eateries that we always think of when we want to treat our family, friends or guests to a special meal.  We admire Barcelona for their quality and consistency of their delicious food.  Paired with infectious enthusiasm of the staff, it is an irresistible combination.

Last week I attended yet another CTbites luncheon ( I know I have quite the reputation for being at each and every one of their events….what can I say.  I love ‘em).  This time at Barcelona, Greenwich.  During lunch, I was so excited learn of all the exciting changes that are happening at Barteca Restaurant Group.  Here are some highlights:

  • Bartaco is due to open in downtown Westport later this year. (can’t wait!)
  • Chef  Michael Lucente is now the executive chef at Barcelona, Greenwich.
  • Under the direction of Culinary Director Chef Adam Halberg (love him!) – the menu at all the Barcelona locations has been refreshed.  With some old favorites along with some new additions- it is sure to re-ignite the enthusiasm diners feel at Barcelona.

Barcelona Greenwich CT

Chef Micheal is a gem!  As I chatted with him, I could tell that he brings so much passion and integrity for his craft.  A lover of quality ingredients he created a delightful menu for our luncheon.

We started off with wines and house-made sangrias along with wonderful charcuterie boards laden with hand-selected cheeses and meats.  Pate Negra, Jamon Serano, Manchego, Malvaros and Mahon to name a few.  Is your mouth watering yet?  ….. just wait till you read the rest!  :-)

The next course was a delightful selection of tapas.  They were somewhat delicate in their flavor profiles.  They excited my palate and made me want more.  We sampled delicious Kumato Tomatoes with locally grown baby Arugula.  I was amazed at how intense this micro-green arugula was.  Even the stem had a distinct pepperiness to it.   Everyone at the table loved the Shaved Asparagus and Fennel Salad with a Crispy Egg.  You heard me!  Crispy egg!  :-) The Goat Cheese a la Planch was out of this world.  It was caramelized on top and then drizzled with honey.   Mmm…. a must try on the menu.  The Blistered Sweet Tomatoes topped with Spring Garlic and Whipped Sherpa Cheese made me want sing.  How simple in concept and yet how delightful to taste.  Brilliant!

Following was another round of tapas – but this time, the flavors were turned up in volume.  The Grilled Octopus with Garlic Chili, Lemon and Crispy Potatoes is a winner on this menu.  The Grilled Morcilla (blood sausage) with Crispy Potatoes and Saffron Aioli took me right to Spain in just one bite!  You will be amazed at how much flavor is packed into this sausage.  Another must have.

Paella at Barcelona Greenwich CT

For a grand finale….which was truly grand, we were treated to three versions of Paella!   These are the three you will find on the new menu.  Paella Mariscos was packed with yummy seafood!  Paella Salveje (chef Michael’s favorite) is flavored with chickpeas, Morcilla, Chorizo and roasted garlic.  It was unbelievable how good the two types of sausages tasted with the roasted garlic.  So very unique.  May I have some more please?   The third Paella is a also new addition to the menu – Paella Vedura.  Vegetarians rejoice!  This yummy dish is loaded with mushrooms, asparagus, escarole, zucchini and peas – topped with garlic aioli!

Did you know that Barcelona Greenwich has a cozy chef’s table for four?  It makes for a great vantage point to observe chef Michael doing what he does best!

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