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Rosa Mexicano has been an institution in New York since the early 1980‘s. Accomplishing the unthinkable, it introduced authentic Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist and turned it into an elegant dining experience- way back when we wouldn’t have considered Mexican cuisine as an upscale dining option. Pulling from the core of Mexican culture, every nuance of the restaurant- its decor, server’s uniforms, servings dishes, and of course the food – shouts out bold colors and flavors.  As soon as you enter, your senses will excite and the aromas will beckon you in.

For a foodie like me, one who continuously debates the importance of flavor over finesse and vise versa, this is a great meeting point.  Here I enjoy best of both worlds.  I know that I am not alone in my admiration of this pioneering restaurant – because today there are Rosa Mexicano locations in most major cities of USA as well as some destinations abroad!  Why! there are three locations in Manhattan! My last visit was by Lincoln Center.

Rosa Mexicana new york

Rosa Mexicano was the first place EVER where I experienced the thrill of table-side guacamole – almost two decades ago!  Since then it seems like every Mexican restaurant has copied the idea.  But each time I visit Rosa Mexicano, I MUST order the table-side guacamole – because that is where it all started for me.  My love affair with guacamole!  Bringing back yummy memories every time …. and I love it!

Rosa Mexicana new york

The Carne Asada is an absolutely, melt in your mouth, decadently delicious, super-moist, must-have dish!  This dish is a prime example of the perfect marriage between flavor and finesse.

Rosa Mexicana new york

Ceviche was calling my name this time…. but with three options on the menu, I could not decide on one.  Thank God for the Ceviche Sampler option.  It offered three totally unique ceviches from the menu.  One was reminiscent of the classic ceviche with the volume turned up (Pescado). Another was asian-inspired, playing with the contrast of crispness and sweetness in fresh fruit (Atun).  While the third was was oozing out contemporary flavors and concept with its dash of truffle oil and sprinkling of arugula (Hamachi).  The Pescado was the best tasting for me.  It was super creamy from … get this ….. a scallop emulsion!!!!   Loved how the flavors of the fish and the scallop emulsion married the avacado and crispy serrano ham in here.  It was downright addictive.

This time I also tried Fondida – Mexican cheese fondue with chorizo.  This was not the kind of fondue that we are used to – but it was intensely flavorful from the cheese and sausage.  It is best enjoyed with warm tortillas served along.

Rosa Mexicana new york

A meal at Rosa Mexicano has never disappointed me.  With so many new restaurants popping up in NYC all the time, it is sad that such classic restaurants don’t get the consistent pat on the back which they deserve.  That is precisely what prompted me to write this article.  If you haven’t already, I hope you would dine at Rosa Mexicano on your next visit to NYC.

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