Just came back from a chocolate-infused evening at Chocopologie Café in South Norwalk.  It was a Truffle Dinner class at Chocopologie which included a hands-on truffle making lesson as well as a dinner afterwards., We made chocolate ganache, we rolled it into truffle balls, we got our hands slathered in melted chocolate as we rolled our truffles in it…and we sipped on hot chocolate and munched on signature Chocopologie truffles as we did all that!  Need I say more?!!!

Chocopologie Café is this foodie’s dream-come-true!  I can never pass up a chance to go there for whatever reason.  I am surprised that my picture is not yet mounted on their walls in the “Most Frequent Visitor” category.  Hint! Hint!  :-)

Fritz, the master chocolatier, is such a warehouse of chocolate-knowledge.  I love how this creative genius pulls from many different cultures and ingredients to bring to us the most unique flavor profiles through his truffles.  His creations are never boring…and they always make me go, “Oh, wow!” Chocopologie Truffle Dinner SONO

Fritz talked, at great length, about the importance of good quality chocolate when making truffles as well as the best way to handle it.  According to Fritz, chocolate should be stored in cool and dry places. Did you know that the best place to store chocolate is in your wine cellar?  The temperature there is perfect for chocolate.  If you have to store chocolate in the refrigerator, be sure to cover it with plastic wrap in order to prevent any moisture from getting in.

We tasted cocoa nibs to see how cocoa tastes in its raw form.  It was intense in flavor, bordering on bitter. It is amazing how a little bit of sweetness brings out its wonderful qualities and makes it so much more palatable in desserts and chocolate truffles.

We made a basic ganache using chocolate, cream and butter.  This was the base for all the truffles we made today.  We rolled out truffles in coconut, strawberry powder as well as cocoa powder.  I must say that I love the ganache recipe.  But I love what the intensely tart and somewhat sweet strawberry powder coating did to it. Very unique and very yummy.

Fritz shared another neat use for the same ganache…add it to hot milk and make hot chocolate out of it!  As we were Ooh-ing and Aaah-ing over that idea, in comes a tray filled with hot chocolate for us to try.  How divine! Chocopologie Truffle Dinner SONO

A reasonable $59 includes the truffle making class with Fritz, a glass of wine or beer as well as a choice of dinner entrée.  There are more Truffle Dinners coming up at Chocopologie this fall.  Be sure to call and book your spot.

Chocopologie Cafe | 12 South main St., Norwalk | 203.854.4754 |

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