Consiglio's new haven

Consiglio’s – Old Fashioned Italian Dining

Almost seven or eight months ago, a dear cousin of ours gave us a gift card to a place called Consiglio’s in New Haven.  I had never heard of the place and so I assumed that it must not be that great.  Ha! Well!  You know what they say happens when you “assume”? ……. You make a “blank” out of you and me!  That’s right.  :-)

So the gift card sat on our kitchen counter.  And over time, it got pushed to the bottom of a stack of papers.  We had essentially forgotten all about it.  Then a few weeks ago, the same cousin was coming over for a visit from Arizona, and it was time to tidy up the house.  And Lo’ and behold…. the gift card was revealed once more.  I saw it as a clear sign – it was meant to be!  So my honey and I drove up to Consiglio’s last weekend.

Consiglio's new haven

Consiglio’s is located on Wooster Street – just a few doors down from Pepe’s – in what seems to be the “Little Italy” of New Haven.  I cannot tell you how utterly delighted I was to eat at this place.  In this era of modern and haute cuisine, where most new places opening up are following the “gastropub” concept and molecular gastronomy is being experimented in some shape or form in most restaurant kitchens, it is hard to find good, “authentic-ethnic” restaurants.

Consiglio’s made me feel like I had returned to Italy to be with my long lost Italian family.  And all they wanted to do was show their love, towards me, through food.  Who would say no to that?!!!  The restaurant feels and looks old fashioned.  But it fits well with the style of food being served.  Southern Italian cuisine, specifically from Amalfi (where the Consiglio family originally came from) – each dish felt hearty and rustic – like what grandma (a seasoned home cook in her own right, I’m sure) would whip up in her kitchen.

Consiglio's new haven

Pastas, lasagna, meatballs, calamari, stuffed mushrooms… everything, I mean EVERYTHING, we tried there, we loved.  I was so glad to bring back leftovers – so that I could extend this pure pleasure and enjoy the delicious flavors for lunch the next day.  This is the real stuff.  The way it is supposed to taste.  This is the kind of food you want to leisurely savor with your family and friends for dinner.

We were so full from our non-stop eating but we did not have the heart to say “No” to dessert.   With everything else on the menu so pleasurable, I just had a feeling that dessert will be no different.  And the Tiramisu made with Godiva liquor did not disappoint.  Ahhh!  I was in heaven indeed.

Consiglio's new haven

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