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A Curious Aspect Of Indian Cuisine

Hakka noodles.  Manchurian chicken.  Manchow soup.  Chilli Chicken….  If you were born and brought up in India,  or if you have spent a considerable amount of time in India, these words will make you salivate and get you all excited.  And for the rest of you – well! you may just be confused.   Am I right?  Or am I right?

.  It’s not pure Chinese food and of course its not pure Indian.  In fact what it is, is a beautiful marriage of two of most bold and flavorful cultures of the world.  According to Wikipedia, it is “the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes”.  There, that about sums it up!

It all started with a group of Chinese nomads who came to India about a century ago. They originated from the Hakka region of China and ended up settling in Calcutta India.  To this day they are still settled in Calcutta and have been the pioneers of this very unique food movement.  And I am not exaggerating when I say, that Indians in India and abroad are addicted to this style of food.

indian chinese at Tawa stamford

In Indian-Chinese food you will find the usuals like fried rice, noodles, meats and of course soups like hot and sour.  But they look and taste quite different.  Spices like cumin, coriander and turmeric along with major flavor agents like garlic, ginger, chillis and yogurt play a major role in these recipes.  The result is double-whammy of flavor!

The Hakka people were nomads and therefore quite used to traveling near and far.  It was easy for them to travel with dry spices that could last a long time, but what they had to compromise was on liquids.  So their food tends to be dry and not runny with sauces.   You will notice that difference in dishes like Manchurian Chicken, Hakka Noodles, or Hakka Chilli Chicken and more….  What you will also notice is a burst of flavor and spice in each bite.

indian chinese at Tawa stamford

Now!  Do I have YOU salivating?!!!!

Where can you get such food in Fairfield county, you ask?  Why Tawa in Stamford of course!  

(always eager to bring new and different experiences to his patrons) – has recently introduced Indian Style Chinese menu to Tawa.

Those of you who are already fans of his Indian menu – don’t panic – the Indian menu is still alive and well at Tawa.  Let’s just say that the menu is even more enhanced and comprehensive of all that India has to offer.

So be bold!  Be brave!  Venture into territories not explored before!  Make this foodie proud, will ya?

indian chinese at Tawa stamford

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