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Wow!  I can’t believe that last weekend was my first taste of Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford!  How come I did not know about this place?  How could this super-fun menu, be hidden from this foodie, for this long?!!!

A warm, welcoming, family-friendly place, Coalhouse offers an amazing variety of pizzas with ingredient combinations that you may never think of.  I loved how everything I tried was a flavor-blast in my mouth.

My honey and I were so excited when as we started to read the amazing selection of toppings… to the point that we found it hard to pick just one or two pizza options.  I counted 38 different specialty pizzas not counting the classic and specialty toppings! Unbelievable!!!

Did you know that Coalhouse allows you to order half and half pizzas – so you can settle that battle raging in your head with two choices on one pie.  Thank you, God!  Same goes for their great selection of wings.  No idea which one to order because they all sound so tantalizing?  No problem.  Divide your order into 2 or even three different flavors.  Yup – you can do that.

Coalhouse pizza stamford

There was a lot of hot and spicy flavors going on at our table.  Like the Mojo hot sauce on the chicken wings.  It is pure dynamite.  Our lips were burning for hours that night… but it was so worth it!  :-)

This is the first restaurant menu where I have noticed Beer Cocktails!  Like the Black Velvet prepared with stout and champagne or The Cure prepared with ginger, fresh lemon juice and lager (sound pretty neat) or get this… The Luchador made with clamato juice, lime juice, hot sauce, cumin, black pepper and pilsner.  Seriously fun!!!

While the flavors were a lot of fun, I would love to see Coalhouse improve on a couple of small details.  I found the wings to be a bit on the dry side.  And the pizza dough was a bit too tough and chewy (I noticed it even more – when I tried eating pizza leftovers the next day).

Coalhouse also offers a brunch menu complete with breakfast cocktails.  On the regular menu there are small plates, tons of burger choices, wraps, paninis, salads – something for everyone. If you are in a group with varying tastes – Coalhouse Pizza is sure to meet everyone’s needs. This is a great menu to enjoy with friends and family and have a great time.

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