Méli-Mélo ie: hodge-podge.  Sounds fun, light-hearted and full of surprises, doesn’t it?  Well!  That is exactly the feeling I got today when I lunched with my friend, Archie, at Méli-Mélo in Greenwich. 

In the heart of downtown Greenwich which is brimming with fabulous upscale stores and restaurants, it is a complete surprise to walk into Méli-Mélo.  The atmosphere here is casual and totally charged, with non-stop hustle and bustle of diners, servers, chefs and all.  As soon as I walked in, I noticed a long line of people patiently waiting to be seated.  Now, here is a sight I don’t see much in Fairfield County!  It made me realize that all those diners in there knew a special secret that I was not yet privy to.  But as the food started to arrive at our table, I was immediately “in-the-know”. Melo Melo, Greenwich CT

A menu designed to please one and all: kids, adults, health-conscious, dieters, sugar-cravers, veggie lovers, fresh food fanatics and plain old foodies like me.   A recent addition of a raw juice bar is the icing on the cake. Méli-Mélo is serious about their freshly squeezed juices and they want you to enjoy them soon after they are prepared – for maximum health benefits.  We tried the Apple-Carrot-Ginger juice as well as the Beet-Pinapple-Lemon juice.  I could not decide which one I liked better.  It was amazing to sip something so healthful that also tasted divine.  Take it from me folks, the Méli-Mélo juice bar is truly worth the visit. 

With tons and tons of choices of soups, salads, sandwiches and savory crepes it was hard to pick just a couple of items for lunch (I so wish my belly was able to accommodate more at one time … ). 

For our entrées we ordered the Croque Monsieur (I can never resist ordering this dish if I ever see it on the menu) and a Shrimp Salad Crepe.   Croque Monsieur was excellent.  I love how warm and comforted I felt when I bit into it.  With a generous slice of ham, the perfect coating of béchamel sauce and the top layer of ooey-gooey cheese – it was yum!!!  

The Shrimp Salad Crepe is one of those dishes that are perfect for the health-conscious.  Tons of crunchy fresh veggies and greens, dressed with a delicate cilantro and ginger dressing – this was a great lunch-time menu option.  Crepes at Méli-Mélo are made of buckwheat and whole wheat – perfect for those looking for gluten-free options. Melo Melo, Greenwich CT

I have been told that Cuban sandwich is a popular menu item here.  What makes this Cuban special is that it has pulled pork in it – a must try for my next visit. 

Now, if you go to a creperie, can you ever leave without eating at least one dessert crepe?!!!  Not me.  Archie and I ordered not one – but two.   The Banana and Nutella crepe was unlike any other I have had before.  You know how often times, this dessert would be served with huge chunks of bananas with no thought to the balance between the nutella and banana?  Well!  not this one.  The banana and nutella was blended together to create a perfect harmony- and then spread on the crepe.  The crepe was then topped with homemade sorbet.  Halleluiah! 

The second crepe we tried was Crepe Suzette with the generous (really!) portion of Grand Mariner flambéed at our table.  This was bold dessert.  Topped with intensely flavored citrus peels, and coated with drunken sweetness of  Grand Mariner (which was a wonderful contrast to the zestiness of the citrus peel).  

Méli-Mélo is an excellent choice for the weary shopper.  A perfect place for a satisfying meal or for a freshly squeezed juice to re-charge you on the go.  Méli-Mélo also caters for all kinds of events. 

Have you been?  What is your favorite? 

Méli-Mélo | 362 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich CT | http://www.melimelogreenwich.com/

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