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After much anticipation and excited buzz, Bartaco has recently opened its doors in Westport.  This is the fourth location for Bartaco.  Their fast-paced growth is a clear sign that they really know what they are doing and that they are hugely successful in giving the diners exactly what they want.

From the really fun and ridiculously inexpensive dining menu to absolutely delicious and addictive cocktails, Bartaco is a great place to have some fun times with your friends or family.  Fun, hip and totally happening scene lures you in.  And once you are in – you totally get caught up in the vibe as well as the menu that inspires you to go all out and experiment with flavors.  With tacos priced at $2.50 a piece, why wouldn’t I want to try 4, 5, or even 6 different flavors until I find my personal favorites?

Bartaco Westport

BTW: I am digging the newly introduced Fried Oyster Tacos while the Pork Belly Tacos have always been my favorite.  Pair that with a fresh bowl of Guacamole its a delicious meal!

I have been to Bartaco Stamford a few times before and loved it.  So, I thought I knew exactly what to expect in their new Westport location.  But what instantly took my breath away was the stunning waterside setting, and how well the owners of Bartaco have maximized on it.  The really comfortable outdoor seating beckons you to sit down, forget your worries and just take it all in.  Right along the banks of Saugatuck river, the views of downtown Westport and the Rt 1 bridge are mesmerizing.  Sipping on my delicious Old Thymer cocktail, I thought to myself, “Now, this is living”!  :-)

Bartaco Westport

Bartaco appeals to a variety of crowds.  Lunching ladies could be spotted during the afternoons, while families with young kids start to walk in – in the early evening hours.  And then when night falls – the young, hip crowd swarms in!  Music gets louder, drinks start flowing and then all you have to do is join a fun-tastic party!

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