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Pass & Provisions: Among The Best In America!

Ever since Bon Appetit magazine named Pass & Provisions, Houston, as one of the best new restaurants in America 2013 – I had been dying to check it out for myself.  There were 49 other restaurants on this list, but what stuck with me about this place is it’s unusual concept.  It is actually two restaurants in one!  Brain-child(ren) of chefs Terrence Gallivan and Seth Siegel-Gardner. Pass is the fine dining, multi-course experience.  While Provisions offers casual, communal-table-style, tapas-centric menu.  The restaurants are connected and they share their kitchen space. As a result, what is inevitable is that the dishes often transcend from one menu to the other-  simply because the people behind the two menus are one and the same.

Finding ourselves in Houston for a family wedding, my honey and I couldn’t resist the temptation.  Since our evenings were occupied with wedding-related events, we decided to have lunch at Provisions (Pass is only open for dinner service).

Pass & Provisions houston

I LOVED the trendy and hip modern space which includes an outdoor patio as well.  Indoors, it is simply fantastic to see the kitchen opened up to the two dining areas.  

and knowledgeable.  The chefs in the kitchen were totally cool with me walking around, watching them cook and take pictures. Chef Gallivan took the time to stop by a couple of times to make sure we were having a good time.  In retrospect, I should have asked him lots of questions!  But I couldn’t do much talking- as I was too busy eating!

We ordered a few tapas, which I found to be generously portioned.  The Lamb Merguez Pate was simply irresistible. I loved the distinctly rich flavor of lamb, seasoned generously with a kick of spice and a side of yogurt to cool the palate.  The pate was topped with lightly sweet and toasted cashews for crunch and a wisp of citrus zest.  It was incredible how that citrus cut through the deep rich flavor of the lamb.  Brilliant!

Roasted Shashito Peppers are showing up on a lot of menus lately.  This version was topped with creamy and delicately tangy cotija cheese, popped and crunchy corn, as well as lightly pickled onions.  Delish!

The most memorable dish we had was the Mussels in Chorizo broth.  OMG.  So divine!  The broth was deeply flavorful and spicy from the chorizo, sweet from the tomatoes with a hint of tang from sherry vinegar and white wine.  Perfectly balanced, and unbelievably addictive.  It came in a fairly large dutch oven … our first reaction was – “no way are we going to finish it!” … but we did.  What can I say, it was impossible to stop slurping the broth.  And with each slurp I tried to commit the taste to my memory until I can return to Pass and Provisions.


   Chai tea soft serve ice cream with cocoa nib cherries and financier was a comforting end to the meal.  While the beet cake, yes beet cake with cilantro ice cream just blew me away.  It took what are otherwise savory ingredients and transformed them into a surprisingly delightful sweet bite.  How incredible!!!

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