The Melt Mobile and Me!

Ever since the Melt Mobile started rolling into Stamford, I have been trying to get my first taste.  Reading reviews by all the local newspapers and bloggers who had, I was getting increasingly jealous!  Each time I would drive through Stamford I would excitedly look for their truck in Landmark Square but the truck was forever elusive.  Blame it on too much rain this season, bad timing or my bad luck….I was resigning myself to the fact that it may not be in my stars after all.

This morning, I had some business in Landmark Square.  I was done around 11 AM…and was walking past the courtyard to the parking garage and Lo and Behold!   There stood the Melt Mobile!   I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not day dreaming.  :-)  (If you have seen ABBA The Movie, you would know what I mean when I tell you that I felt like that reporter who is trying to get an exclusive interview with the band – and just when he gives up, he finds himself in an elevator with them:-)

I quickly rushed up to the window…all ready to order and Darlene, the owner, told me that they were not open for business yet…another 15-20 minutes, she said.  Well folks!  These may have been the longest 20 minutes of my life.  At the dot of 11:20AM I rushed back up to the window, and Darlene greeted me with a HUGE smile and said, “What would you like to order?”  Ahh…music to my ears!!!

A simple menu, but each dish sounds delectable.  I chose a Pork-U-Pine sandwich and for dessert a Strawberry Supreme Melt!   They were so Blood Good!  They both had the perfect crispy crunch on the outside and delicious, ooey-gooey goodness on the inside.

Melt Mobile in Stamford

The Pork-U-Pine had extremely moist and flavorful pulled pork with cheddar cheese and dill pickles.  Dill pickles made me do a double take when I read the menu and I wondered how that is going to work out.  But let me tell you that it is pure genius. The slight tang from the pickle and its crunch really elevates this sandwich.

The Strawberry Supreme Melt was a perfect combination of fresh strawberries, nutella and “vanilla-infused” mascarpone!  Brilliant!!!

I did not find these sandwiches as greasy as I had expected (grilled cheese sandwiches tend to be so) – which was a wonderful surprise.

Since I was there SO early it was just me and the Melt Mobile. How romantic!  :-)

It was wonderful to meet Darlene and Diana (two best friends who made their vision a tasty reality).  Darlene came out to chat with me.  Her passion for food is obvious.  She is also a total people-person and I think it is so perfect that she decided to start a food truck business rather than a restaurant where she would be stuck at the back of the house and not get a chance to mingle with her culinary admirers.

A wonderful touch that Melt Mobile added to this experience is that they set up lots comfortable tables and chairs out on the square for people to sit and enjoy their meal.  Landmark Square is such a great setting for this food truck – right in the heart of Stamford, yet quiet and serene, covered with shady trees and tantalizing aromas of yumminess cooking up inside the Melt Mobile!

Melt Mobile in Stamford

The Melt Mobile is at landmark Square from Tuesdays through Friday, 11:30 AM to 4 PM.  In the evening s they are busy catering at parties.

The Bobby Flay show featuring Melt Mobile is called “Three Days to Open” and as of now, the episode is due to air on July 21st.  Be sure to watch it!

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