The Sunday Sauce

Chef Bill Taibe and his new Chef de Cuisine at Le Farm, Geoff Lazlo, have launched a scintillating new monthly dinner series called the The Sunday Sauce aka. Family Meal.  Traditionally, it is the meal shared by the restaurant staff before the dinner service begins.  A simple family style meal shared by the team in a friendly and relaxed setting.  Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?  How fabulous that the team at Le Farm is now willing to share that experience with all of us! 

Now, when Bill Taibe is behind an event – we know that it will be a memorable experience and so we all rush to be a part of it.   His success with Souterrain is proof enough of that.  Just think, how often do you find cases in Fairfield County or even in the entire state of Connecticut when an event sells out in less than 45 minutes?!!!   Last few times, I had made the mistake of thinking twice before signing up for Souterrain, and lost the chance to get in.  Lesson learned.  So this time, when the email hit my inbox announcing a new monthly dinner series at Le Farm, I knew that I should not even pause to check my calendar – because no matter what, I WAS going to this event.   

I was ecstatic to receive a response within hours telling me that I was in! YESSSS!!!!! 

An intimate dinner setting with a huge family style table set up to accommodate no more than 20 some diners.  My dining partner and I did not know anyone at the table as we settled in and yet we were all chatting and laughing together (like old friends) by the end of the meal.  That is the beauty of a family meal. Sunday Sauce, Le Farm Westport

I half expected a one-dish dinner, as would be the case if the staff was enjoying the meal in its traditional sense.  Not so at Le Farm.  Chef Lazlo generously and lovingly prepared a multi-course, and rather lavish meal for us.  We started off with a homage to nature’s wondrous bounty. Chef Lazlo showcased each ingredient in all its glory.  He simply roasted whole garlic, to bring out its natural sweetness as we squeezed its meat on crisp slices of bread.  Onions were caramelized whole and they were absolutely divine as we savored them.  We enjoyed a delicious pumpkin seed dip (dying to learn how Chef Lazlo made it).  The most astounding dish of all was a platter of raw vegetables.  How bold and how refreshing, I thought!  It was a celebration of the naturally delicious flavors in unusual veggies like watermelon radish and kohlrabi.  

The next course was quick-roasted shrimp served on farro cooked in red wine.  It was garnished with fried lemons and garlic as well as olives.  I loved those crunchy and tart fried lemon slices.  Hearty and delicious, this dish made a lasting impression on me! 

A light and crunchy salad of cabbage, winter squash, fennel and dates came next.  It was dressed with a delicate date and mustard vinaigrette.  It was a perfectly timed course as we were all feeling full and needed that light refreshing taste and crunch to cleanse our palates for the next course. Sunday Sauce, Le Farm Westport

The salad had set the stage for braised lamb with mint and salsa verde served next.  I could not believe how tender the lamb meat was.  Falling off the bone as it should, with a delicate braising broth that successfully enhanced the lamb flavor rather than overpower it.  Genius! 

Our final course was rice pudding with raisins and pistachios.  I wish I was not so full by then – to do this dish justice that it deserved.   :-( 

Geoff  Lazlo is a shining young talent worth watching out for.  Under the leadership of chef Bill Taibe while following chef Taibe’s farm to table philosophy, I believe chef Lazlo will create many more exciting meals for us to enjoy!

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