Warm Beignets On A Perfect Fall Morning

Last March, I was in New Orleans.  If you have been there, you would know, that no trip to New Orleans is a complete success until you have visited Café Du Monde for their world famous Beignets.   One bite of that yummy fried confection and you will be in love!  Needless to say that ever since that trip, my taste buds have been crying out for that treat… it is no less than an addiction! 

I was so excited to find out that Sugar&Olives in Norwalk was offering warm Beignets at the Westport Farmers Market today.  I planned for it since the minute I woke up this morning.  I decided to skip breakfast in anticipation of the Beignets.  I went for a 2 mile jog/walk as soon as I was fully awake……and as I did that I kept reminding myself to keep my eye on the prize.   

The damned Farmer’s Market opens at 10 AM….can I wait that long?!!!   I rushed and got dressed…went to the Farmer’s Market and hurried straight to the Sugar&Olives booth only to find out that the Beignets had not yet arrived.  Any minute now, they promised me.  And all I could do was wait! 

I am not kidding when I say that I was the first person to get the Beignets when they arrived.  Man! They sure were well worth the wait.

Warm Beignets with light dusting of cinnamon sugar.  Crisp on the outside and moist and fluffy on the inside.  In keeping with the fall season, they were being filled with apple compote just before serving.  What a heavenly perfection!  

They were very different from Café Du Monde’s but I thought that they were pretty darned good.   

As I drove home, I felt an odd mix of satisfaction and a renewed craving for more.  And I don’t see it on the Sugar&Olives menu.  I guess some begging and groveling is in order – to request that they add it to the menu.  Let me get to that now….

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Beignets by Sugar&Olives in Norwalk

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