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Foodies: Have you been to The Pantry in Fairfield?

Well!  If you haven’t then you must get your “you know what” there, right away!  :-)

What a great place!  It is so lively and buzzing with activity.  Everyone has huge smiles on their faces: owners, staff and guests.  And everywhere you look you see tempting things to eat.

It would be inaccurate to call it a grocery store.  It is lot more than that.  It is a true culinary experience.  Shelves after shelves are stocked with all kinds of unique and everyday gourmet goods.  In addition, they offer a large selection of ready-to-eat foods as well as salads and sandwiches to order.  And my favorite – a scrumptious dessert counter.  Oh!   If only I could eat one of everything that was on display there today!

The Pantry in Fairfield

The Pantry’s mission is to bring restaurant quality food to people at affordable prices.  And they have successfully achieved  that goal for many years.  I ordered a crab cake and a mini fruit tart today for my lunch.  The crab cake had a nice spicy kick to it.  It was a pleasant surprise.  It was so far away from blah!  It had a crunchy exterior and soft, moist, meaty interior with the perfect tartar sauce to go with it.   For my little sweet-craving, the mini fruit tart was a perfect choice.  Fruits were so fresh and delicious, the cream was light and lightly sweet.  Divine!

The Pantry in Fairfield

I had originally walked in to see if they had some Harissa paste (my weekend plans include lamb burgers on the grill with harissa yogurt).  Thierry, the owner, was all smiles and he led me right to it the shelf with Harissa paste.  In his jovial manner, he tried to invite himself to my house when the lamb burgers get cooked.   I say, he is welcome to come over anytime, if he brings me some of his awesome desserts. :-)

Thierry’s upbeat personality, matches that of every single person who works there (and I got to interact with quite a few today).  Everyone was willing to help and make suggestions to ensure that your Pantry experience was the best it can be.  The Pantry and its chefs keep up with food trends and are sure to bring those great experiences right to us.  If you are a gourmet chef, a party host or a foodie, you will find this experience especially nourishing.  The staff will do whatever they can, to find answers and solutions to all your cooking, eating and catering  needs.

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The Pantry | 1580 Post Rd, Fairfield CT | 203-259-0400 | http://thepantry.net/

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