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Essentials of French Cooking by NY Times

source I love omelets. Give me an omelet for breakfast, lunch or even dinner and you wont hear me complaining.  Although, being of Indian origin, I like my omelets to be robust in flavor and spice.  I like to add lots of onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, cilantro (yes cilantro), green chillies….Continue Reading ››

Perfect Holiday Gift For Young Adults On Your List

source When it comes to food, we are are living in the most exciting times ever!  We find ourselves in a new culinary landscape that pulls from old traditions and adds a generous dose of modern and contemporary.  Rare ingredients are becoming mainstream. New cooking techniques being implemented by professional and home cooks alike. … Continue Reading ››

Taste of Summer in the Winter Months

omprare viagra generico 100 mg consegna rapida a Napoli We have all enjoyed the warm summer months: the sandy beaches, the the joy of living in shorts and tank tops, BBQ & cook-outs, and all the wonderfully fresh flavors of fruits and vegetables of the summer months.  As the weather starts to cool off, I know I shall be in denial for … Continue Reading ››

Effortless Expertise

follow ... was my impression of Lynn Manheim at Aux Delices.

legitimate levitra online We all love the delicious food  served up at Aux Delices all over Fairfield County, don’t we?  It is the perfect place to go to if you are watching what you eat or even if you are not, and like me - … Continue Reading ››

How Many Ways Do I Love Thee

source What?!!!  You didn’t think this post was going to be dedicated to my sweetheart, did you?  Yes! Yes! I know it’s Valentine’s Day and all that … but I just want to keep the mushy stuff between my sweetheart and me, while I write about my love for food.  So let’s talk about … Continue Reading ››

Feel Like Cooking Indian? I am originally from India.  Most people I meet tell me that they LOVE Indian food but are too afraid to try cooking it at home.  Indian curries and all the spices that go into them can be overwhelming. It is important to know that Indian cuisine is a delicious combination of simple as … Continue Reading ››

Care For Some Tea?

prezzo vardenafil contrassegno London Olympics are in full swing. As I watch the coverage on TV, I feel a sense of longing … “Oh! I wish I was there”. Since it’s too late to book flights and what not, I opted for the next best thing… an English cooking class at Rhubarb Kitchen in Darien.

free levitra plus sample Continue Reading ››

The Panna Cotta Penchant

lasix online The beautiful warm weather we have been enjoying here in Connecticut lately, may have something to do with it, but I have been craving some creamy delicious Panna Cotta.  I have had some wonderful renditions of this dessert.  Most recent experience was at The Whelk where they served it with a delicate blood orange and … Continue Reading ››

Leek and Goat Cheese Tart A couple of days ago, I was following a recipe demonstrated by Chef Jean-Louis Gerin at Clarke Kitchen in SONO.  It was a recipe for Leek and Oyster Pain Perdue….served on small baguette slices.  Well!  it turned out delish and inspired me to try other variations. I loved the … Continue Reading ››

Salsa With A Twist, On My Lemon Sole This morning my fish monger had some irresistible Lemon Sole on display.  One look at those, and suddenly my dinner plans were crystal clear to me!

The weather is warming up and I felt like cooking the fish with a spring-like, fresh new twist.  I often make fresh salsa to top my … Continue Reading ››