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From The Farm To My Table

Connecticut is blessed with so many amazing farms that are diligently bringing us fresh local produce.  As icing on the cake, we have a high concentration of local chefs who respect and understand the importance of these farms and support them … Continue reading


Al Fresco Dining At Its Best

With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, we are all eager to spend as much time outdoors as we can.  I, for one, am constantly looking for things to do outdoors.  I find myself “inventing” errands … Continue reading

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When A Grilled Cheese Food Truck Came to Westport

Of course I was there! It was a special book signing event at Barnes&Noble bookstore in downtown Westport last Saturday with John Barricelli of SONO Baking Company and Jason Sobocinski of Caseus Fromagerie ~ Bistro in New Haven.  Jason is the host of the new … Continue reading

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The Gem of Bethel Village

A very dear foodie friend of mine emailed me one day and said, “We  HAVE to try this Italian place in Bethel.  When can we go?”  Now, I must say, that I love these kinds of emails and questions.  *laugh*  She … Continue reading

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A Delightful Gourmet

These days the word “gourmet” gets thrown around in our everyday conversations quite often, but many of us may not know exactly what it means.  I have to admit that all this time, I have associated the word with a … Continue reading

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Agapi Eos!

When you crave a Gyro, where do you go? I believe I have found my favorite spot to satisfy Gyro cravings: Eos in Stamford!  I went to lunch at Eos with my new BFF (ie: Best Fellow Foodie) and it was … Continue reading


What’s Not To “Like”?

Q: Why is Facebook a great site for loners? A: Because it’s the only place where they can talk to a wall and not be considered a loser! Fairfield County Foodie is now also on Facebook! It is meant to be an extension … Continue reading

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Another Home Run For Team Westport

Am I the only one who feels this way, or do most of you agree that Westport seems to have had the biggest influx of unique and high-quality dining venues lately?   The Whelk, Tarry Lodge and Oaxaca Kitchen are … Continue reading

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A Great Place To Brunch

It was a beautiful Sunday morning yesterday.  The sun was bright and shining, the sky clear and birds chirping.  Aahhh!!!   To celebrate this wonderful bounty, my family was in the mood for a nice brunch.  Hmm…. Where do we go … Continue reading

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Fairfield County Eats – For A Great Cause

With such affluence and opulence surrounding us in Fairfield County, it is easy to miss the fact that there are many people, even in this area, who are struggling to put meals at their family’s table.  So I wanted to take … Continue reading

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