I Really Thought I Wasn’t That Hungry Tonight

…until I entered Mitchell’s Fish Market in Stamford.  My nostrils instantly registered the beckoning aroma of delectable seafood.   I had no choice but to go in and satisfy my other senses. 

It was our family night-out, and as always we were all debating where we should eat tonight.  Each person had their own opinions and preferences.   I wasn’t feeling that hungry so, I tried to keep my personal opinions to myself.   I won’t name any names, but one member of the family actually suggested eating at the Stamford Town Center food court!!!!  ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! 

As valuable minutes ticked by, we still had no decision….and so I decided to voice one suggestion.  I told the family – let’s make the decision a bit simpler….and let’s at least pick a blog-worthy restaurant.   Luckily, we were standing right outside the Stamford Town Center and our choice was immediately obvious.  And there we were! 

We often get a craving for raw oysters, and Mitchell’s Fish Market is one of our top choices to sample some.  Today, as always, we could not resist that craving and we ordered some raw oysters as well as the char-broiled oysters.  It was an interesting experience – trying two very different styles of oysters simultaneously, one raw and chilled the other came piping hot with tons of scrumptious flavors toppings.   While I am a sucker for raw oysters, I must admit the char-broiled ones were pretty darn good as well. 

We then ordered some Seafood Gumbo which was delicious.  Rich, thick and loaded with tons of seafood goodness.  It had a very deep flavor profile that I could not fully identify.  Hopefully I can nail it next time.   :-)  

We also ordered some Blackened Cod that came with jambalaya and green beans.    Yum!  

Aside from the oysters, I think the other shining star at our table was a dish called Seafood Celebration.  It was a dish filled with all kinds of shellfish like lobsters, crab legs, shrimp, mussels etc….floating  in a beautiful light broth, served with bread and corn on the cob.  I felt that this truly is how seafood should be respected and treated.   Done lightly,  so that every delicate flavor comes through. 

Despite being a chain restaurant, Mitchell’s Fish market is truly worth a visit.

Mitchells Fish Market Stamford

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