An Italian Culinary Adventure With Our Favorite Italian!

Love, laughter and food!  These are the three words that came to my mind as I sat down for coffee with Chef Pietro Scotti and his charming wife, Janine.  They have these wonderful warm personalities that immediately put you at ease and you feel that you are with your lifelong friends, around whom you can just be yourself.  

Chef Pietro of Da Pietro in Westport, CTWithin five minutes we were talking about Chef Scotti’s hometown, Ischia, in Italy.  We talked about his family and the generations of amazing food that he grew up with.  Chef Scotti learned all about cooking from his mother, and feels real pride when she praises his cooking.  Chef Scotti is the happiest when he is surrounded by people and takes immense pleasure in everyone enjoying his food.  

Chef Scotti also told me about the beginning of his love affair with Tuscany, which started when he was young man of 23 and he visited that region for the first time to explore its wineries.  He distinctly remembers being surrounded by the fresh smell of rosemary and thyme growing all around the region.  Aaahhh! 

Did you know that Tuscan bread traditionally does not have salt?  It is simply flavored with local herbs.  Chef also shared that Tuscan cooking is very simple and that it is about the true essence of the food. The Tuscan region is home of exceptional olive oils, artisan cheeses, herbs and fresh meat. With these simple ingredients, you are able to bring out the natural flavors in any recipe.

Bursting with so much passion for Tuscany, Chef Scotti and Janine felt an overwhelming urge to share it with others.  They have designed an exclusive 7 day trip to Tuscany open to just a small group of guests.  It is your chance to stay at a beautiful Italian Villa, just 20 minutes outside the town of Lucca, with Chef Scotti and Janine.  There will be many opportunities to explore the local food markets and to cook with Chef Scotti.  Chef will determine the menu each day based on what he discovers in the local markets.  In Janine’s words, “it will be like Christmas every day…where everyone will get together in the kitchen to cook and then sit down and enjoy the meals like one big happy family.”  

Guests will learn how to make homemade pastas and breads and other delectable Tuscan eats.  For those who are not comfortable in the kitchen, do know that you will be under no obligation to cook….you can just join the group, sip your wine (hand-selected by Chef Scotti) and get to know everyone as the meals get prepared.  Many optional excursions are also planned for the guests to suit their needs. 

Partnering with RequestItaly, they have chosen Villa Boccella, by the river Serchio, for thisItalian Holiday with Chef Pietro of Da Pietro of Westport trip.  The villa was built in 1690.  It sits on a 50 acre estate that boasts its own olive groves and vineyards.  It even has its own private chapel! How divine! 

Chef Scotti and Janine truly believe that this wonderful trip will be the birth of many lifelong friendships.  They plan to organize future reunions for the lucky group who joins them on this culinary adventure. 

To learn more about this unique opportunity to enjoy an exclusive Tuscan  holiday, learn all about Tuscan cuisine from a master and to enjoy a week’s worth of hospitality from Chef Scotti and his wife Janine, click on the image.  

Note: Just three more double rooms are now available on this trip, so you’d better hurry on this chance of a lifetime.

Italian Holiday with Chef Pietro of Da Pietro of Westport

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