Agapi Eos!

When you crave a Gyro, where do you go?

I believe I have found my favorite spot to satisfy Gyro cravings: Eos in Stamford!  I went to lunch at Eos with my new BFF (ie: Best Fellow Foodie) and it was excellent!

Eos is a family owned and family run business.  The menu selection is a showcase of Greek food, both from the mainland as well as the islands.  While you would expect to see lamb and eggplant on the menu, they also have some delicious seafood dishes – to honor the island cuisine.  The pride that the owners have in their cuisine comes across  in each dish that comes to the table.

We started off with Imam Bayaldi- eggplant stuffed with onions, tomatoes, garlic and herbs, topped with Saganaki cheese.  It was excellent.  Hearty and delicious.  This was served with warm pita bread and would make for a perfect light lunch time meal or an appetizer.

Next we tried the Grilled Octapodi.  We ordered it because it sounded so unusual for a Greek restaurant.  We were told that it is one of the dishes you would find on the Greek islands.  It was divine!  The grilled octopus had a wonderful smoky flavor.  It was tossed with capers, salad greens, olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Mmm… Mmm… Good!

Another very interesting thing we ordered was Lemon Potatoes as a side dish.  Wow!  So tangy and finger licking good.  It was almost as if the potatoes were boiled in lemon water – maybe they were.  The flavor so deeply engrained into the potatoes.

Craving Gyros?  Must Have Gyros!  So we did!  The lamb was to die for.  So utterly flavorful!  And each bite was irresistible.  What I liked the most about this Gyro was that it was neatly wrapped…and easy to eat.  The cool flavors of the Tzatziki and the crunch and freshness of the onions and tomatoes on a soft  pita roll was the perfect complement to the main star of this dish: the lamb.

To end this wonderful meal we chose Ekmek Kataifi for dessert.  What a light and airy dessert sweetened to perfection.  It has layers of Katiafi Phyllo soaked in syrup, vanilla pudding, and whipped cream – topped with almonds and cinnamon.

Eos Greek restaurant in Stamford

Wonderfully warm and trendy décor paired with delicious food is a win-win situation to me.  For icing on the cake, the staff  really takes good care of the diners and are happy to suggest menu items based on the diners’ craving and appetite.

There are so many dishes on the menu that I have go back and try.  Like the Moussaka and the Grilled lamb Chops.  So much food and so little time! (as my friend R.K would say) :-)

Eos is a elegant take on authentic Greek cuisine. The elegance is reflected in the décor as well as the food.  If you have not yet tried their food, it is about time you did!

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  1. Joann says:

    I love reading your reviews. It would be helpful to include addresses of the restaurants you review. Thanks!

    • Hi Joann,

      Thanks for your feedback and suggestion…I will certainly keep that in mind going forward. In the meantime, please know that all my images are linked to the websites of restaurants I review.

      -Fairfield County Foodie


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