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Biggest and Baddest Food Festival

… is now less than two weeks away!   If you don’t have your tickets already then, pray tell me, what are you waiting for?!

The annual Greenwich Wine & Food Festival is packed with non-stop tastings of delicious food and drinks….  tent after … Continue Reading ››

Seventh Annual Greenwich Wine+Food Festival!

Well!  It’s official!  The dates for Connecticut’s most anticipated and my most favorite foodie festival have been announced!

I have watched this festival get bigger, better, classier and tastier 🙂 over the years.   And if last 6 years are anything to go by, this … Continue Reading ››

Greenwich WINE+FOOD Festival 2016

Listen up people, or else you may say later that I didn’t warn you!   

The ultra-fabulous and ultra-fun, annual Greenwich Wine+Food Festival (hosted by Serendipity magazine) is returning to Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich on Friday September 23 - Saturday September 24 … Continue Reading ››

CTNOFA Organic Food & Farming Conference

I have been hearing about it for a few years now.  Each year friends have asked me if I will be in attendance.  I kept saying no.

In my mind this is a conference for the farming community. So what the heck am I going to do there?  Surely, I will be … Continue Reading ››

Let’s Go To Greenwich WINE+FOOD Festival

Aways such a blast!  I have been a HUGE fan of this outstanding culinary event.  I have been going there since they first started 5 years ago!  And over the years I have seen it grow and succeed by leaps and bounds.  It’s orchestrators, ie: the team at Serendipity magazine really know … Continue Reading ››

A Night Full Of Oooh’s And Aaah’s!

Am I talking about a scene in my bedroom.  Or, perhaps I am referring the famous movie scene with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal!  Yes!  Yes!  YESSSS!!!!

We’re on a food blog for goodness sake!  So….. let’s take our minds out of the gutter shall we?!!

The “Ooh’s and Aaah’s" I … Continue Reading ››

Love On A Spoon

I don’t know why, but I never think about the town of Ridgefield as a foodie destination, when I am looking for a restaurant in Fairfield county. Never heard anyone rave about any dining establishments up there.... except for Bernard’s, of course. And so I always assumed that there was not much worth … Continue Reading ››

Recap: Greenwich Wine+Food Festival 2013

Did you listen to me when I told you that, you must come?  Did you buy your tickets in time?  Did you catch the amazing 2 for price of 1 deal on Groupon? Or did you miss the golden opportunity?

Greenwich Wine+Food Festival 2013, was the BEST EVER!  It’s popularity has really … Continue Reading ››

Learn Indian Cooking from a Master

In recent years, Indian cuisine has become widely accepted, consistently craved yet it is still considered too-overwhelming-to-cook by most people. What is it about this food that terrifies home-cooks? I know it's the rice for some people, but now instant pot basmati rice is so easy to do that … Continue Reading ››

What A Blast!

Charged atmosphere!  Wines galore! Delicious food!  Celebrity sightings!  Really, really, REALLY full but happy bellies!  🙂 

The Greenwich Food and Wine Festival last weekend was a blast!  I was there Saturday and had such a great time.   There was so much good food and wine to be had.  The area’s best of the … Continue Reading ››