Mario Batali Has Done It Again!

Even torrential rains and flood warnings could not keep the crowds away from this latest hotspot in Westport CT.   The new Tarry Lodge in Westport (in the old Abodanza building by the train station) is well worth a visit! 

My friend (let’s call him Mr. H  :-) ) and I decided to meet there for lunch last Friday.   Our reservation was for 1 PM … and I was totally surprised that even at that hour, and despite the heavy rains that hit us throughout that day, this place was HOPPING!   

Tarry Lodge! What a great restaurant!  As soon as you enter, you feel like you are transported to SOHO in NYC.  A trendy bistro with so much warmth and welcome!   The staff was extremely pleasant and professional as well. 

Mr. H tried Nancy’s Chopped Salumi Salad and the day’s special White Bean Soup.  I know he loved them both, but commented that he would have preferred the soup to be a tad bit thicker and hence heartier…. I guess he was just craving that feeling on that miserable, cool rainy day.  I had the Black Fettucine With Rock Shrimp.   Mmmm…..  I think I need a moment to compose myself here. 

OK…good!   So where was I?  Oh! YES!  The fettucine.  It was to die for!  It had fennel and corn and tons of garlic (of course) and succulent shrimp !  Pure heaven! 

It is clear to me that I need to return to this restaurant to sample more of their yummy menu items.  And I hope to see you there, next time! 

Note: reservations are highly recommended.  Peak meal times tend to be totally booked well in advance.

Tarry Lodge in Westport Click on the image to view Tarry Lodge website.

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