Got Nothing To Do On A Thursday Afternoon?!!!

School’s out today….and it’s yet another miserable overcast/rainy day.   I thought this might be a good a chance as any to check out the much-talked-about Westport Farmers’s Market.  I have been to other farmer’s markets in the past and am not usually “wowed” by them.  Prices are too high….and produce always looks just so-so. 

I had never made it to the Westport Farmer’s Market before because it happens on a week day – in the middle of the day!  On a Thursday between 10-2PM.  Despite the rain, the time of the day and the fact that it’s a weekday – I was quite surprised to see the turnout at this market.  As I walked around, it was clear to me that many people come here every week  - religiously.  There were friendly and familiar conversational exchanges between customers and vendors all around.   

The most unusual thing about this farmer’s market is that it also happens to be a great place to lunch.  Many vendors sell readymade or freshly made food (hot and cold)   There were wood fired Pizzas coming out on one end and empanadas and hot tamales on another.  There are even some tables and chairs set up around the place for people to sit down and enjoy their meal.  And if you like some freshly brewed teas and coffees to go along with your meal – no problem! 

Needless to say that there was tons of fresh produce for sale, along with locally produced selections of cheeses, and honey etc.  Two products jumped at me as I walked around, and I am compelled to talk about them. 

The first one was this vendor selling sweet and savory shortbread cookies.   To die for!  He had such fabulous flavor combinations that I was tempted to buy them all.  I forced myself to walk away with just three kinds and a promise to come back again for more. My favorite flavors were Roasted Leeks, Lavender, Rosemary Lemon and Salt cookies.  These cookies are perfect to serve with cheese, or with wine or even just to satisfy a craving in the middle of the day.  To learn more about this company based in Waterbury CT, visit:

The next product that made a lasting impression on me was this brewed coffee….called the Cold Roman.  It is by a company named, RAUS out of Stamford CT.  This coffee brew is delicious, and they serve it slightly sweetened, with ice and half and half.  Such a refreshing jolt in just one sip!  They sell this brew readymade and bottled to make your own cold coffees when you fancy it or for you to experiment with in various cocktails.  They even sell the coffee beans for hot coffee when you want it.  It has a deep rich and  truly unique flavor, and I highly recommend you try it!  I don’t believe they have a website…but I did see them on Facebook.

Visit Westport Farmer’s Market website

Westport Farmers Market

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