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Today, Rodizio Grill, a Brazilian Steakhouse, officially opened its doors for business in Stamford, CT.  Before the official opening, the restaurant hosted a few special preview nights for friends and family and VIPs.  Last night I was invited to their VIP Night (yep! that would be me…a VIP) for a special preview of the restaurant and its menu.  From the looks of it, the night was a huge success.

I have been to Brazilian Steakhouses a few times before, but last night was the most enjoyable experience of all!  I personally think it had a lot to do with the great food as well as the wonderfully warm staff at Rodizio Grill.  Everyone had huge smiles on their faces.  Whatever you want, they were eager to fetch it for you.   The food just kept on comin’ and I just kept on eatin’.   The restaurant had a very cheerful and happy vibe.  You couldn’t help but feel caught into the happy mood. Rodizio Grill, Brazilian Steakhouse in Stamford, CT

Brazilian steakhouses typically have a very extensive salad bar in the middle.  Once you settle down with your plate of various salads and sides, the servers start bringing out all kinds of special grilled meats to your table for sampling.  You can eat as much as your heart desires.

I counted about 12-13 different kinds of grilled meats that came to our table.   From Sirloin (my favorite of the evening), to Pork to Turkey Wrapped in Bacon (which was really moist and YUM, by the way) to Grilled Sausage to….you get the idea, don’t you?   They even had Grilled Pineapple which was amazing!  I was told that the everyday menu, starting today, will offer up to 17 different meat choices!  Unbelievable!

During the course of the evening, three different kinds of appetizers came to our table as well:  Cinnamon Glazed Bananas, Polenta Fries, and Mini Corn and Cheese Puffs.  The Cinnamon Glazed Bananas took me to the tropics, the Corn and Cheese Puffs were light and airy and surprisingly moist.  I would love to get that recipe! Rodizio Grill, Brazilian Steakhouse in Stamford, CT

With so much food circling all around you, the key is to pace yourself and choose each offering wisely.   They make it easy for you by providing every diner with a small wooden indicator or a cue.  If the green side is facing up, the food servers will keep coming to your table.  If you need a break, then turn the red side up.  And my favorite part…if you are done and want dessert, just lay the cue sideways. Yes!   :-)

This is a great restaurant to take your family and friends and they are sure to have a good time!

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