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Indian-Chinese or Chinese-Indian?  That is the question you will find yourself asking as you settle down in this truly unique restaurant in Stamford named, Chinese Mirch.  “Mirch” is an Indian word and it means chilli.  And sure enough, the menu at Chinese Mirch delivers bold asian flavors and kick-ass spiciness in its mouthwatering selection of dishes which are a beautiful blend of Indian as well as Chinese cuisines.  The dishes are primarily Chinese in style and in their names, but for a unique twist many of the ingredients used are very Indian.  The result is a perfect marriage of the best of both worlds.

Both Indian and Chinese cuisines are typically layered with complex flavors.  Each has a history.  Each  touts strong character and bold flavors.  And when you sample them, there is no mistaking their origins.  But what happens when they are united – can you just imagine the result?  I don’t think you can, until to try this restaurant.

I have been there many times with my family and, as expected, we all have our favorites that we order each time.   I just LOVE their “Mirch 65”- such a potent, deeply spicy and flavorful dish.  Gotta have it every time!  “Hyderabadi Chilli Chicken” is another winner.   Last time I visited, I tried their “Hot Garlic Prawns”.   Deee-licious!  I also love their soups - the “Hot and Sour” as well as “Manchow” are yummy.  And to get an ultimate taste of Indian street food with a strong Chinese twist, try their “Szechuan Bhel”.

Chinese Mirch in Stamford, CT

Interesting story: A group of Indian friends from Connecticut used to go to the Manhattan location of Chinese Mirch.  After years of long drives to satisfy their craving for this unique food, they decided to bring it home to Connecticut.  So they approched the owners of the restaurant and proposed running a franchise in Stamford.  Lucky for them the owner agreed, and now we all get to enjoy this great food right here in Connecticut along with these friends.

A good thing to note about this restaurant is that each dish is made from scratch when ordered.  And another good news, they use 100% cholesterol free, zero trans-fat vegetable oil for all their cooking.

If you are tired of the same old, same old – this restaurant is a must try for you.

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