SONO Baking Company Has Arrived In Westport!

I am so delighted to announce that, to satisfy my embarrassingly frequent cravings for the best and the yummiest almond croissants, I no longer need to drive any further than Westport.  About 3 weeks ago, SONO Baking Company set up shop in the A&J Market on Post Rd in Westport Connecticut.  Can things get any more perfect than this? 

From delicious breads to delectable desserts to great lunch and brunch items. I have always loved the yummy offerings at SONO Baking Company.  They really know what they are doing.   However, for some reason I always felt that their South Norwalk location was a bit out of my way…and I often had to ignore my cravings because I could not make it all the way there.  Now my prayers have finally been answered and they are open for business in Westport as well. 

The Westport location is really nice and cozy.  They have their usual dessert selection, along with their famous breads.  And of course they have coffee!  A few tables and chairs are set up for those who are too impatient to wait to try the goodies until they get home….like me!  :-)  

I went for my usual almond croissants, and ended up buying so many more irresistible things…so before you walk in there, you’d better beware!  

Welcome to Westport, SONO Baking Company!  I wish you would never ever leave me. (wait!  did I just say that?  Hee! Hee!) 

Click on the image to visit SONO Baking Company’s website!SONO Baking Company comes to Westport

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