My Trader Joe Favorites

You know how once or twice in your life you may meet someone who instantly knows you and truly understands you?  Like a soul mate?   One who knows what makes you smile and what makes you happy.   And when you find that person , you never want to let them go?  Well!  I feel the same way about Trader Joe. 

I can’t believe that everything and anything I buy from that one store becomes my new favorite.  How can one store be so in-tune to my tastes?  To my likes and dislikes?   How does Trader Joe do it?!!! 

While the mystery remains unsolved, I would like to share my absolute favorites at this store.  These are things I can never leave without, once I enter the store: 

I love their hazelnut chocolate bar.  What a perfect marriage of sweetness, cocoa flavor and nuttiness from the roasted hazelnuts.   You simply have to try it!

Have you ever tried their Ham & Cheese Croissant Sandwiches?  To die for!  Just a few minutes in an oven or a toaster and you have a perfect lunch.  

I also love their French Style Flat Bread with Ham, Caramalized Onions and Gruyere.  Mmmm…. .mmm.   good!  This is yet another quick lunch time favorite of mine.  Simply pop it in the oven or a toaster.  The amazing flavor profile of caramelized onions with ham is delectable….and the Gruyere just takes it to a whole new level of lusciousness. 

Oh! And for some kick-ass tangy and spicy flavored snack, look no further than the Lime and Chile Mixed Nuts.  These are a staple snack at every one of my parties. 

And finally, these yummy, nutty, crispy Savory Thins made with sesame flour.  So perfect with a good hummus!

Always looking to expand my horizon, I would love to hear about your Trader Joe favorites.  Be sure to post your recommendations.Trader Joe Favorites

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