Westport Farmers Market Moved to Gilberties For Winter

Some great minds have thought of the perfect solution to benefit one and all!  And I sincerely thank them. 

So many towns in our area have farmers markets during summer and fall.  But, come Halloween, they are all wrapping up their act and getting ready to hibernate for the winter. And it leaves you thinking, hmmm…. now what?!!!  Am I supposed to wait for them to come back?  Not Fair!  

Isn’t it wonderful that Westport, and its powers that be, have figured out a way to keep the farmer’s market going, despite the winter season and its harsh temperament? 

The farmers market has now moved to Gilberties on Sylvan Rd off of Saugatuck Ave.  Parking was convenient and easy. To get to the market you have to walk through Gilberties store but there are well marked signs leading the way.  A huge weather-proof totally covered tent makes sure that those who set up shop and those who come to shop are not inconvenienced. 

I was so happy to see all the usual vendors with their smiling faces!  Even the wood-fire pizza vendor does not get deterred by the cold, and was set up at the entrance to Gilberties.  Boxcar cantina was still there selling the yummy hot tamales.  Raus coffee company, happily selling their special brew.  Savor fine foods, with their amazing assortment of savory and sweet shortbread cookies.   YES!!!! 

If you start to get the winter blues, this may be a good place to visit on a Thursday from 10 am to 2 PM.  The cozy warmth of the market and the warm welcome eluding from all the smiling faces that greet you are sure to put you in a good mood instantly.

Click on the image to view Westport Farmers Market website.

Westport Farmers Market Winter

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