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Unusual NYC Foodie Finds!

dove comprare Viagra generico 50 mg a Roma In my last few trips to New York City, I have discovered some really cool and unusual foodie destinations – places that were never on my radar.  And by “unusual”, I mean places that I don’t usually gravitate to.  No one in my circle was talking about them… absolutely no one!  Usually when that happens, I assume its because these places are not worth talking about.  Ah!  how wrong that assumption can be sometimes. I spent an entire day in New York with my friend V.F. who is originally from Sweden and now lives in Delaware.  She doesn’t get to come to the city often enough – where she has some of her favorite swedish hotspots.  Let me first go down the list of three fantastic Swedish places she insisted on visiting that day:

  • FIKA! My new Love! It’s an awesome espresso bar that sells this yummy treat … a delectable cardamom roll with pearl sugar!  Mmmm…..   I love this flavor combo, the yummy spongy roll permeated with rich and fresh flavor of crushed cardamom, topped with pearl sugar is an addictive bite.  Now, every time I enter New York city, I need to make a quick stop to the closest FIKA!  God help me!

source url FIKA  New York

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  • buy cheap generic propecia Smorgas Chef on Stone Street downtown has apparently been around for years!  It serves New Nordic Cuisine based on the principles of local, sustainable and all natural ingredients. Here you will find delicious favorites like Swedish meatballs, Lingonberries, Spiced Herring,  Gravlaks and more….  I loved the outdoor seating on this really cute little street and the cozy little window corners – from where you can watch the hustle and bustle of New York city. The brunch menu was superb and worth the visit.

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  • e legale acquistare cialis on line Sockerbit!  A super-cool Swedish candy store on Christopher street downtown, offering tons and tons of Swedish candies in all colors, shapes and sizes.  The stark white interior walls contrast so well with the color pops of the candy in their bins – that you cant help but gravitate towards all the sweet treats.  Here, you pick a baggie, and fill it with as much candy as you like. You pay by weight when done.  It was pretty neat to taste these candies not knowing what to expect with each bite – these are clearly my Swedish friend’s childhood favorites.  She did try to tell me all about the flavors and types of candies – but there were too many to remember – besides, I was too busy eating!!!!  BTW: This store also sells boxed mixtures to bake the Swedish cardamom rolls at home!

acquistare viagra generico 200 mg a Genova Sockerbit New York The last place on my list to share with you is this fantastic dessert concept restaurant called ChikaLicious Dessert Bar on 10th Street between 1st and 2nd Ave.  I discovered it on another day with another set of friends (Suni & Puni).  We were walking back from Momofuku Noodle Bar and just happened to walk past it.  It looked so cool from outside, that we lingered and peeked-in through the windows for a bit.  We finally managed to persuade ourselves that we had enough room in our bellies for dessert.  This place has a prix-fixe menu priced at $16 which offers 3 courses of dessert:  An amuse, A choice of dessert and finally petits fours!   Coffee,Tea and a selection of wines are offered on the menu as well.  My friends and I LOVED sitting at the dessert bar, and watching the chefs prepare everyone’s dessert plates.  It was fascinating.  What was even more fascinating was that the dessert here are dynamite.  Unusual flavors profiles with expert and delicate preparations made me realize that its the real deal.  Mind you, I have recently returned from Paris and so my bar is set high when it comes to dessert.  But this place did not disappoint!  You have got to check it out next time you in that part of New York city.

Chickalicious Dessert Bar New York

I am curious: Did you know about these places already?  If so, tell me what you like about them.

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I'd love to know what you think....