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Greenwich WINE+FOOD Festival 2016

Listen up people, or else you may say later that I didn’t warn you!   

The ultra-fabulous and ultra-fun, annual Greenwich Wine+Food Festival (hosted by Serendipity magazine) is returning to Roger Sherman Baldwin Park in Greenwich on Friday September 23 - Saturday September 24 … Continue Reading ››


The hashtag must have been trending all of last weekend, because the entire city of New York was abuzz with foodie-centric activities.  Each year the New York City Wine & Food Festival brings together thousands of chefs, restauranteurs, food-lovers, food-purveyors and culinary thrill seekers.  For four days all your culinary role-models and TV … Continue Reading ››

Benoit: A Night To Remember

Last week, I teased your with my other NYCWFF adventure.... an exceptional night with refined food and memorable company! Did I have you sitting at the edge of your seats all week?  Ha!  Ha!

I am an Indian by origin, and so my palate always gravitates towards bold and strong flavors … Continue Reading ››

Frenchie: Highly Coveted-Highly Elusive

You may remember that earlier this year I visited Paris.  While there, my focus was primarily on French pastries.  For our meals - our plan was to pretty much eat where our exploration takes us - we did not want to get restricted by reservation times.  But there were two restaurant … Continue Reading ››

Hungry in Litchfield

It’s fall season and everywhere we look - we find vibrant colors emerging on the trees.  Each year, around this time, my honey and I like to take a drive up to Litchfield and enjoy the spectacular foliage.  And each year, food plays a key role in our trip-planning.

Last year we … Continue Reading ››

Jean-Georges: Need I Say More?

Old world charm with a contemporary twist!  That about sums up the vibe of this recent addition to our suburban dining scene.  Inn at Pound Ridge boasts a history dating back to the 1800’s.  Surrounded by the pristine beauty, which is the essence of New England landscape, it needed some tender loving care … Continue Reading ››

Unusual NYC Foodie Finds!

In my last few trips to New York City, I have discovered some really cool and unusual foodie destinations - places that were never on my radar.  And by "unusual", I mean places that I don't usually gravitate to.  No one in my circle was talking about them... absolutely no one!  Usually when that … Continue Reading ››

Front Row Seat In Iron Chef Marc Forgione’s Class

Do you like attending cooking classes?  What’s the part that you like the most?  The eating?  The opportunity to tap into a chef’s trade secrets? Or the chance to get to know a chef and his/her style of cooking?

I recently took an excellent cooking class at De Gustibus Cooking School in … Continue Reading ››

Eating Like A Local In Paris

This is the last the article about my recent trip to Paris... I promise. I had to write this one, as I feel compelled to share some tips with you- should you find yourselves in Paris in the near future.

France is home to one of the finest cuisines in the … Continue Reading ››

Paris Is For Pastries

I just returned from four days in pure heaven!  Paris!  The city of romance ... the home of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa....  the proud bearer of the Eiffel Tower... and the purveyor of world’s most delicious and gorgeous sweet confections.

In four days, I managed to visit every dessert place on my … Continue Reading ››