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viagra generico 50 mg pagamento online a Parma Last weekend we had LOTS of family over from AZ, NJ and MA.  The house buzzed with activity all weekend long, the conversation un-paused, and our kitchen the center of all the action. When the last of the guests left on Sunday, all I could get myself to do was cuddle up on the couch with a good book and vegetate.  The last thing I felt like doing was to get back in the kitchen and cook dinner.  I had spent my weekend pampering others – and now I felt like being pampered.  So, the obvious choice was Elm in New Canaan, for dinner!

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where can i buying real viagra tablets For a Sunday night, Elm was buzzing!  That to me is a clear sign that chef Brian Lewis and his team are doing something right.  The food is super creative and elegant – always.  The wonderfully delicate flavor nuances in each bite will keep you guessing how and what?  That’s the genius of this chef. The magic started with the amuse-bouche of Salsify Crema.  That itty-bitty jar of goodness was able to stir a multitude of warm and cozy feelings inside me.  The stage was set. The Razor Clam Chowder carried my excitement and satisfaction to the next level.  I LOVE how each dish at Elm is never overpowering, each ingredient plays a harmonious role in juxtaposing flavor, texture, temperature and mouthfeel.

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prednisone 80 mg daily Imagine chicken topped with a glaze of red wine reduction and foie gras!  It was so luxuriously smooth and creamy that it glistened like gold.  Or the ever-so-delicately composed Chatham Bay Cod with white beans, chorizo and espelette peppers. Simply divine!

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here I was so full but I simply could not refuse the dessert course.  The poached seckel pear with orange cream, cocoa nib and vanilla sherbert was the perfect ending to this meal.  The citrus was refreshing while the soft and sweet poached pear was addictive.  I ate the dessert with a fork but then I had to switch to a spoon at the end – so that not even a single drop shall be left behind.  That kind of good!

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The entire time I was at Elm, I kept thinking to myself how much I had missed food with this level of expertise. Chef Lewis has such a deep understanding of ingredients.  Here is a chef who has developed a close relationship with his surroundings and its bounty … the local farmers and food purveyors.  If you ever get a chance to watch Chef Lewis in his kitchen, you will be struck by a man who is one with his craft. Completely. His focus and skill will come through in every bite you eat.  This man makes magic!

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