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The Pastry Hideaway – Bakery & Cafe

My heart did a somersault at the first bite of the pain au chocolat. They had nailed it! Remarkably flaky… so much so that the exterior had an unmistakably delicate crunch. Ah! that unmistakable crunch which, with every bite, caused teeny-tiny flaky crumbs to scatter … Continue Reading ››

Old World Charm With Modern Flair

Oh, my God!  Last week I found myself at the most adorable little place with most delicious food!   It was just supposed to be a spot for me to meet and catch up with a sweet friend. “How about we meet at Ada’s in Riverside”, she asked.  … Continue Reading ››

Paris Is For Pastries

I just returned from four days in pure heaven!  Paris!  The city of romance ... the home of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa....  the proud bearer of the Eiffel Tower... and the purveyor of world’s most delicious and gorgeous sweet confections.

In four days, I managed to visit every dessert place on my … Continue Reading ››

Macaron Mania!

I have just had this vision.  A vision of my perfect world. Here is how it unfolds.... each morning my doorbell rings.  I open the door and I find a box of fresh Laduree macarons. Delivered. JUST FOR ME!!!  Aaahhh ...

 If only!

The moment I walked into the Laduree shop … Continue Reading ››

Perfect End To A Great Weekend

Last weekend we had LOTS of family over from AZ, NJ and MA.  The house buzzed with activity all weekend long, the conversation un-paused, and our kitchen the center of all the action.

When the last of the guests left on Sunday, all I could get myself to do was cuddle up … Continue Reading ››

The Bold And The Flavorful

Rosa Mexicano has been an institution in New York since the early 1980‘s. Accomplishing the unthinkable, it introduced authentic Mexican cuisine with a contemporary twist and turned it into an elegant dining experience- way back when we wouldn’t have considered Mexican cuisine as an upscale dining option. Pulling from the core of Mexican culture, every … Continue Reading ››

Ski Trip Morphed Into Foodie Adventure

I don’t ski.  I don’t ice-skate.  In fact I don’t engage in too many outdoor sports- because, frankly, I have a terrible sense of balance.

I do eat!  In fact, I LOVE to eat. I thrill in the adventure of it.

So when my family wanted to go on a ski … Continue Reading ››

A Cooking Trend Gaining Momentum

I am all excited about a cooking trend that originated in laboratories, in the recent years it has spread out to high-end restaurants, and is finally making its way into home kitchens.  It's a technique that employs exact science to create consistent and perfect results each and every time.

Most of us … Continue Reading ››

Understanding the Science of Cooking

I am left enthralled, animated, educated, excited, mesmerized, inspired, hungry for more and quite simply ... in-awe, after auditing a 10 week online course presented by Harvard University last fall.  The course was called Science and Cooking.

Science and Cooking Harvard class

Continue Reading ››

Little Goose Big Flavors

This newcomer made me do a double-take with its unusual flavor pairings and bold menu choices.  A relatively small space overflowing with charm and character, Little Goose in Fairfield is far from the dull and the ordinary.

It was good to meet up with my bestie H.A. after weeks!  We had so … Continue Reading ››